Apr 7, 2014

Elvis and his biggest Fan

My Cousin Angela
is a Gigantic 
Elvis Presley fan....

She lost count on how many times
she saw Elvis in her life...

Each year she went to Las Vegas with her
Dad & went  Every Day,  Every Show

She is even in a Movie of Elvis
which the name of the film I can't remember,
but he kisses her and a friend that was with her 
on stage (in the movie)

The Stories she has,  the wonderful photos
Priceless Memories

Last weekend was her 
60th Birthday,   

She & 2 of our friends took
a long weekend trip 
to Memphis Tenn.

Can you believe she had never yet been to

I was suppose to go with them,  but last minute
changes prevented me from going


I thought the best thing to give her for her
Special Birthday

Elvis Bearsley....

I wish I had the pictures of her
when she was opening her gift 
on Friday night at Red Robins for Dinner

I think she cried

I was quite pleased with the way he
came out,  I was really amazed at 
creating his Elvis Hair 
from a  little square of an
old furry hat....

(Bonnie is holding her little
Downton Abbey Dog Replica)

I had a very busy week of Stitching


Mar 28, 2014

Downton Abbey Inspired

Am I the last one to jump on
Downton Abbey

 I did a marathon Downton Abbey
of Seasons 2-4 
with my movie friends
(still need to see the 1st season)

I Fell in love with the little dog that 
Mary gives to Matthew for
Good Luck
when he goes off to War
I had to make one & now have to 
make them for all the Movie Girls

Hope spring is Springing 
in your town....

Gloomy & Gray
with a mist 
but at least it is in the 
high 40's


Mar 17, 2014

A little thrift shopping treasure

 besides doing a wee bit of treasure hunting at the
local thrift stores,  I was able to stitch together these
2 little critters....

See the miniature doll cupboard,  
perfect for photo props

I found it at the local Salvation Army Store
for $4
it was a light colored wood,  but I took
it home, sanded, white washed & had a 
bit of creative fun with my new watercolor pencils....
then I added a coat of johnson's paste wax

I Love It

Now I am off to my cousins for a
Corned Beef & Cabbage

Happy Green to All



Mar 10, 2014

The 3 Bears

I have spent all day listing on eBay,
still being without a computer
I get to spend the day at my daughters
using her computer,

today it normally takes me only a 
few hours to check all my emails,
FB & a wee bit of blog checking

but today it has taken me many hours,

besides listing the 3 little bears that I created this week,
I decided to try to ship Internationally on eBay,
so trying to figure all that out took ForEver.

If it turns out to not help & be a pain in my
Brain and backside,
I will rethink

Anyway,  I sure do miss being able
to blog on a daily basis

I miss visiting all you wonderful
blogging friends & seeing what you've been up too!

I hope your weather is starting to get
more Springish

we have tons of melting snow
on this
50 degree sunshiny