Jun 22, 2015

Been So Long...

Seems like forever ago that I posted...

Almost thinking of saying 
Good Bye,  

instead,  I will just post when I can

Not many people visit,  but it is a way
of journaling my boring life!

By the way,  I never said that we are
planning a Wedding

My middle daughter Nikki is Engaged!

This will keep me busy,  guess not so much of 
a boring life after all!


Apr 27, 2015

Estate Treasure Overload?

Am I Swamped?

In a good way

I had an old friend call me last week to ask if I was interested
in looking at a home full of Estate Treasures,

Of course the answer was YES....

I still have another load to pick-up
my car is Still  full

I love that little metal child's chair

 That's Fiestaware from 1 box, 
I have 7 more to open

 I have a 6' 1950's Silver Christmas tree
that goes along with the Ornaments

I Love the Hairpin Legs,   going to unscrew from that
piece of plywood.

All this is going to be sorted, cleaned & listed
lots of Craig's List,  eBay & Yard selling
coming soon

Looks like I'm going to be very

My daughter's think I in over my head,

I won't admit it to them,  
I am Overwhelmed!!!!!


Apr 4, 2015

Wishing a Beautiful Easter to All

 Spring seems to finally be peeking its head
up around here in Michigan,  
so happy to see all the white stuff gone......

I've been busy working on a new adventure,
can't wait to share it all as soon as I have it completed

Happy Easter & Spring to 



Jan 29, 2015

Still working on the Mess...

Still working on the mess...   but while clearing out the one room (Studio/Work room)  it seems the other few rooms I have are taking on the meaning of disaster....    Why is one rooms cleaning seem to get the rest of the place also looking like a mess?     I have boxes stacked in my now bedroom which use to be the dining room and the living room which has limited seating,  now only has room for 1....
Good thing that I am the only 1 who lives here.

I'll be back again,  hopefully this weekend with photos too!   
stay warm