Jan 29, 2015

Still working on the Mess...

Still working on the mess...   but while clearing out the one room (Studio/Work room)  it seems the other few rooms I have are taking on the meaning of disaster....    Why is one rooms cleaning seem to get the rest of the place also looking like a mess?     I have boxes stacked in my now bedroom which use to be the dining room and the living room which has limited seating,  now only has room for 1....
Good thing that I am the only 1 who lives here.

I'll be back again,  hopefully this weekend with photos too!   
stay warm

Jan 15, 2015

an OMG moment...

A before nightmare
I want to put behind me...

Hopefully this post & photos are the before with an after quickly followed.

This past year of no internet & no blogging was not a do nothing year,  it was filled with both creative moments and back breaking work...

Lots of fun stitching projects for profit and gifts with the most important being the Bridal Garter I stitched for my Niece Ashley's  Wedding 
[That will be a separate post when I get the photos]

The back breaking was several Estate sales, 2 of them being for the same family 
Both held within a month...not to forget that I also injured my knee doing many stairs with heavy boxes, having to use a cane at the Wedding.

Now to get to the posted photos

The room pictured is my work room / studio which as you can see is a Mess!!!!

There's not much work or creating happening lately, because of the mess in there.
This room used to be my bedroom but in the summer I switched my dining room and bed around.  I only have AC as a window unit in the kitchen, so I'm much cooler sleeping in the dining room and decided to keep it this way since its just me up here.

All those boxes in my studio are supplies for creating or vintage treasures left over from the Estate sales....

Boy, it sure takes me a long time to get to the point...

So here goes,
Where in the world do I begin
? ? ?


Jan 10, 2015


Brrrrrrrr it's cold outside

I know we expect it to be cold in January
especially  in Michigan...

Looks like we may be having another winter like last year
The temperature is - 29 degrees with the wind chill

Wake up to that, white stuff
a flat tire and you know it's going to be
A fun day....

How's your week going?

Stay warm!


Jan 7, 2015

Happy Wednesday...

How's everyone doing this first week of 2015?

I had hopes of cleaning & organizing,   that has not happened
So far...

What I seem to be doing most is playing learning
everything I can about my new Kindle...

I have learned to add Apps & play games  
Farm Hero Saga is currently a time killer for me

One thing I'm enjoying most is the camera
the ease of taking & the  "even I can do it" editing!

Hope you're all staying warm

Be back soon