Feb 9, 2019

It's been a long time....

Hopefully, Not forgotten!!!  Except my log in and trying to recover my password...
Oh my!   

So much Love as gone on & I've if tried to keep up with all the blogging friends I followed for so long ~ 10+ years...

I could see my page and visit, but I could not for anything recover my account, I would visit as a dreaded lurker

Today I spent countless hours until I had {Fingers crossed} success!!!!!

Still trying to remember how this All Works!

Have a wonderful weekend

Aug 25, 2016

Can't Believe it's been a Year....

I check in often to all the wonderful blogging friends I followed and enjoyed for so many years...

I can hardly believe it has been over a year since my Last Post 
I quickly moved from my sweet little place high in the sky,   moved in with my Daughter, Son in law and my wonderful 3 Grands...

I settled in quickly and then in early October,   my sweet lady Angie who I took care of for 10 years passed away.    

I am glad I had the planning for Daughter Nikki's Wedding to keep me busy and that I was!   I made all the flowers for the Wedding,
every bouquet,  every boutineer,  every table arrangement.    when I say made each flower,  I mean I took lots of vintage fabrics and cut and formed each petal or each flower.....
and Loved every minute.

The first picture is Nikki's bouquet,   most of the fabrics making up each flower were vintage treasured pieces from family,   fabric from her Grandmother,  Great Grandmother,  her Nana,
lace from My wedding dress and that from her Sisters Dress too.    a wonderful treasure to save.

 The Bridesmaids held hand dyed satin Composite bouquets with each 
having a unique vintage rhinestone button center.
 The Mom's wristlets are all multi strand Pearl Bracelets with a removable flower
 My Girls

Wedding Party 
 My Girls

 Nikki's Nieces
 Of course with a last name like MacKinnon,  we had to have a wonderful Bagpiper....  
Many a tears when the piper started down the isle

 Nikki's Dad
 This is Nikki & I together,   I sure am proud of my baby girl
 This is my "Goode" side of the family,   the only Family photo that has ALL of Us in it
Thanks to all who came up from Georgia
The Very Happy Couple
 Nikki & Alex  
(My new Son in Law)


I hope to post again soon

Aug 5, 2015

Saying Goode Bye

It's been so long since I started this Blog,
and not to forget the 3 years prior that I had a 
Blog and Blogger made it vanish!

I have enjoyed this & it will remain
as a journal....

So many things are happening in Life 
and it is time to move on....

My sweet Daughter Nikki is getting married this
coming year,   I am currently moving
which was so unexpected after living in my
sweet little upper flat in the sky
I only had a days notice with 
be out in 3 weeks.

Now I will be moving in with 
My other Daughter, Mandy & her Family
Basement Dweller I will be for the time being

What is nice,  I will be living with My Sweet Grands,

My life is So My Grandmothers
I grew up with her living with us & it was wonderful.

I hope My Grands will feel the same way!

Off to new adventures
New Ideas....

So Much to Come



Jun 22, 2015

Been So Long...

Seems like forever ago that I posted...

Almost thinking of saying 
Good Bye,  

instead,  I will just post when I can

Not many people visit,  but it is a way
of journaling my boring life!

By the way,  I never said that we are
planning a Wedding

My middle daughter Nikki is Engaged!

This will keep me busy,  guess not so much of 
a boring life after all!