Sep 26, 2009

Sweet Memories

Dad & I resting 1957
My Wedding Day 1979 - My Sweet Little Niece is Now a Mom of 5
Beautiful Blue Eyes
Mom & Dad before they were married

I tried to go to bed early last night, but my thoughts had other plans..... I had a song playing over & over in my head, so instead of just lying there, I came out to the computer, going to my play list, I started to go thur songs, one leading to another & before I knew it, 2 hours have passed.....
The first song "Dance with My Father" brought up such Sweet Memories, Tonight it had me Dancing alone quietly to the music with Tears running down My Cheek..... This song not only brought up Memories of My Dad, but made me realize that it has been just over 14 years When I was Holding His Hand, as He took His Last Breath & Went to Be with Jesus..... even thou this Tender Song brings tears each time I hear it..... I think it also shows that As Time Goes on, the Sadness Lessens & The Sweet Precious Memories take the place...... The last time I Remember Dancing with My Dad, was at My Wedding, almost 30 years ago...... My Marriage didn't last, I certainly Pray that Some day, God Willing, I will have a man in My Life once again to Dance with....... But, for Now & Always, My Greatest Blessings in Life is My Family....... I have 3 Wonderful Children & Now a Blessing of 3 Beautiful Grand Children...... God Works in Such Amazing Ways..... Tonight I am Dancing Alone, But So Thankful for the Treasures I have in Blessings which are Priceless ~ So, this sleepless night has been a gift for Me, The Songs I Hope a Gift to You....... I hope they Share a Memory for You~ xox

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