Sep 12, 2009

Here I Am .......

Ever since the very End of August & about 50 + Hours of struggling to get my poor old blog fixed, I have thrown my hands into the air & said " The Heck with It" 2.5 years of Love went into my Original ZanyMayd Blog..... You can still See it, but for some Unknown reason (and frankly, No Help from Google - Sorry Google) I have had to start again....... Fresh & New ~ I sure Hope I will get my Followers back & gain lots of New ones, I plan on trying to visit each & every Blogger that I follow so I get up to date & current..... So if you are a follower, could you please update my blogger addy.... all you have to do is add the - between the zany & mayd.... Just like this:


Viola, That's it..... I small Step for Man & a Giant Leap for Man Kind (Me)


I Have Missed You All......

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