Nov 23, 2009

Just Alittle .....

Under The Weather

During this Thanksgiving week, I am not feeling so well.... I will be taking it easy & resting a Bit

I Am Thankful for My daughters who insisted & Dragged Me to the Hospital Emergency Unit on
Saturday night.....
I had been in alot of pain for 2 days at that point, but with No Medical Insurance, I was so
afraid that I would be turned away at the door....
This was not the case, I ended up spending the next 11 hours being
poked & wheeled from one test to the next.....

I have a Bad Gall Bladder ~ which Needs to come out,
Now just to figure all that out....
I do feel alittle better, I think knowing that the Chest pains were Are Not My Heart relived me some

I am Very Thankful to My Kids for Dragging Me there,
Kicking & Screaming
(ok, not screaming, but certainly Crying)

so I am taking a few days off from blogging,
I Wish Everyone a
Happy & Blessed



  1. Well, it does sound painful - Bless your heart! So glad your kids did the right thing by hauling you to the emergency room!

    Will be praying for you...

    Cynthia K.

    P.O. Your Christmas header is wonderful!

  2. Praying for you and your much needed rest. Hope that you will feel better soon.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday


  3. Oh my...had the gall bladder removed last spring. I too felt like I was having a heart attack or something and it was my gall bladder full of stones. Feeling fine now!
    Hope you are up and running again real soon! Take it easy.

  4. Hope you will feel better soon! Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. Rest up though!

  5. Oh no! You take it easy and let everyone else do the cooking and clean-up this week!
    Hugs and prayers for recovery...


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