Dec 30, 2009

Are You.......

Making Changes ? ? ?

With New Years Eve just a day away, I am busy as can be -
Cleaning Up & Clearing Out

I decided to pull the tall Shelving unit out of the Storage Closet
& assembled some of my small Priority eBay Boxes,
Covered them with Brown Paper & Viola

I am finally going to have a Very Organized System
right at My Finger Tips
(can you see the corner of My Work Table)

I have been vowing for months to get all my "Stuff"
in Order, and I think it is Finally going to

Now ALL my beads will be in [1] place, Not 6.....
along with all My Other Creative stuff ~

Then I think some listings on eBay or Etsy for all the
Great things I won't be using.....

So, What are You doing this New Year?????


  1. I am amazed at how we are all different, but so alike in many ways! I have visited several folks today who are re-organizing as well as myself! It feels great to not be alone! Happy, Happy New Year!! Judi

  2. I'm going to get organized, just like you. Or at least try!!!LOL



  3. Hi Cheryl
    Great job on those boxes I love it!!! I've been cleaning as well, buy does that feel good.
    Thanks for stopping by today and the words of friendship that you shared.

    I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!!

    Hugs to you


Thank you for visiting... Have a Happy & Creative day ~ Cheryl