Dec 17, 2009

EnJoying these Relaxing Moments ~

I just wanted to post a short & sweet message
Thank You to All who gave me the
to sit back & relax this Christmas Season
I have officially repacked the few items that I had started to take out
instead of feeling guilty for doing it,
I Feel Relaxed & Relief

I think some of the Stress level is Off too,
because I Finally Called all the
Medical Bill Offices & set up Payment arrangements

I had been putting that off, I thought I was going to be
given a hard time for not being able to pay immediately.
The reaction I have had was quite the Opposite

I have No Medical Insurance & So far the Overnight Stay in
Emergency Last month
is Over
Oh My

I am Truly EnJoying This Simple Christmas Season


  1. So glad you made the phone call and got a nice response! And glad some of the stress is off! And good news, I FINALLY got new batteries for the camera, I will take pics of the lovely package you sent tomorrow and get them posted! Enjoy the night!

  2. Yes so good to get those things done that are hanging over our heads ~ nothing like it to make us relax ~mine involves the dentist~.

    I see my sister has been here :) Thank you so much for sneaking a little gift in Kate's package for me! I haven't seen it yet but I am very excited to see it! That was soooo sweet of you! She called me & told me all about your package-it sounds so perfect for her! I can't wait to see that too! crying better run but THANK YOU so much!


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