Jan 28, 2010

Hoping for Blue Skies

Isn't this a beautiful photo
all thanks to a search on google.....

I am getting things ready,  packing a bag & adding some
art projects to the mix..... will I get a chance to work on something Creative ~
only time will tell.....

I am off on a LONG Weekend,
Work actually,

(The Hubby of the Lady I Care for is heading for Florida for some Fun in the Sun)

for some reason I am feeling a bit apprehensive about this long weekend,
not sure why,  never had this feeling before..... maybe I'm just Tired

I am Hoping & Praying for Blue Skies
and Happy Moments....
(we are in an Arctic Blast here in Michigan)

I think I will be missing Silver Sunday this week,  unless I get a chance in the next
few hours to schedule a post,
if not,
Be Back On Monday.....



  1. Hope you have a sunshiney weekend and that things will go well for you. Also, hope you get to create something! That always lifts my spirits!

  2. Hope your weekend is filled with nothing but goodness and beauty. And beautiful blue skies and the most lovely moon, peaking in your bedroom at night...

  3. Have a wonderful weekend Cheryl. Your change is one lucky person to have someone as devoted as you are.

    Cheers to you friend,



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