Jan 17, 2010

Silver Sunday ~ Trois

Welcome to Silver Sunday
~ Trois ~

I Love My Door of Photos

B is for Bubbie
My Grandma name.....

I Dream of My Prince Charming & Kissing Frogs

* * * * * * *

Silver Sundays have been so much fun, I have Loved visiting the
Silver Treasures of Everyone....

I know we have all been Heart Broken this week with the Disaster in Haiti,
like so many, we are all trying to do,
What We Can.....

I am listing many items in My Etsy Store this week, with 25 - 50%
going to The Red Cross ~ Haiti Relief....

The reason I am mentioning it, I will be listing several of
My SILVER SUNDAY Treasures that I have previously Shown so
later this week, stop by, You may find a Silver Treasure,
You Can't Live Without & in turn, Donating to the Sweet People of

Thanks for stopping by......


~ I would Love to have You Follow Along ~


  1. Hi Bubbie!!!
    Silver Sunday looks great over at your house! Good luck with your Etsy store, I am trying not to buy anything for the next year or so, Christmas did me in, but I love that sweet little cabinet! And the door is such a great idea! TTYL,

  2. Your Silver frog prince is soooo adorable! So how many times have you kissed him? Love your idea for etsy donations..skipping over to check out your stuff.
    Thanks for coming today...see you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  3. I dare ya to kiss that little frog prince! Just kidding. It is very cute. Nice silver post!

  4. i think i have the same frog !!! i love him...maybe i'll post him next week !!

  5. Great show of silver. The frog is especially cute!

  6. I really like your door of photos too, great idea! Also I gotta tell yhou, I love your banner - too cute! Great Sunday Post, ~ Theresa

  7. Wonderful silver treasures, and what a great thing to do with your proceeds. I am following suit with a percentage to Red Cross. Lisa

  8. So love your silvers. Happy SS to you!

  9. The door of photos is an idea that I plan to copy. Thank you for sharing. Thank you also for what you are doing for the Haiti relief efforts. We are one world, helping each other.

  10. That door of photos is too fab!

    Also, your thoughtfulness to Haiti has not gone unnoticed. I'll stop by later in the week to take a peek.

    Blessings to you friend,


  11. Cute salt and pepper shakers, but my favorite has to be that adorable frog prince...♥♥♥ him! Thanks for sharing.


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