Feb 1, 2010

A Rude Awakening

Off to work I went on Friday morning
scheduled for 3 full days away from home....

I guess if I would have thought, before I put the
1 onion ring in my mouth, I would have
saved Hours of Agony!

Yes, about 5 hours later, I was pacing the floors,
tears running down my face ~ I was in horrible
I had triggered Another Gallbladder attack

Not Fun
Not Fun At All
brings back the images of Childbirth & Labor Pains,
just much higher in the body & No Sweet Little Bundle of Joy
to show for all the Pain!!!!

had to call in back up, so I could go home Saturday morning to recover
Only thing worse than being in Pain, is being in Pain ~ Away from Home.....

I started feeling a wee bit better Yesterday & was able to get on the computer
a Bit~ least I did not miss All of Silver Sunday

So Today, Monday the 1st of February, it is very Cold outside ~ But the Sun is Shining....
I am feeling better, Not Great....
still have the tenderness in the GB Area

Big Question here is:
Have I Learned My Lesson???

I Must Repeat this phrase a zillion times in front of the Mirror

Must Eat ~ Healthy
Must Eat ~ Healthy
Must Eat ~ Healthy

Now to just Remember this....

Wishing Everyone a Happy & Healthy Week


  1. Oh dear Cheryl.....I'm so sorry you had another attack. I've never had trouble with my gallbladder but I hear the attacks are horrible.

    Get well, and stay well my friend.



  2. so sorry, i understand your pain full well!! i had problems during my pregnancy but since eating healthy doc thought just braxton hicks. 5 days after delivering -naturally! i had a attack and it was 100X worse than the labor. hope you feel better!

  3. Such a total bummer, and sounds so painful for you. I was really hoping you were to have an enjoyable weekend as I knew you were kind of dreading it. Turned out to be worse than you imagined. Yuck, hate that for you...

    Okay, now I will start emailing you and bugging you about eating healthy. Hopefully no more awful attacks, if it were only that simple...

    Glad it is sunny, hopefully everything else will be sunny too!
    PS- you must eat healthy!!! I am annoying, aren't I???

  4. Yee-ouch!

    Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

  5. oh mercy, those attacks are the worse. I had my gall bladder removed after developing pancreatitis. agony rest up and take care of you,brightest blessings

  6. Poor thing. I know from experience there is nothing worse. I can also tell you that no other surgery has given me such instant life changing relief. Hope your on the mend.

  7. Wow, Glad your on the mend, I hope today is much better. Take good care of yourself ~ Theresa

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  9. Well onions are supposed to be healthy. Don't they have a lot of good stuff in them? Guess the deep frying didn't help though, huh? :) Hope you are feeling much, much better now. I want to start eating healthier too. Sooner said than done


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