Apr 18, 2010

Somehow, Seems I've lost count, I swore
(not really- unless I said Oh, Dang)
I had counted 98 Posts, so this would be 99....

Maybe I tried to post Without My Glasses On, if I can't find them, they're
probably On My Head!

so this is just alittle Fill'n Spot to get the count up to Where it needs to be
(Pretty Pic to Follow)

I have been Hunting & Finding All Sorts of Fun

"Vintage Stuff"

for the Give~Away
Will Be
Starting on Monday......

Oh ~ I Almost Forgot,

We Hit
(I say we, because You are how I got here)

Next Post to follow this will be the Photo to Catch up & really make IT 99

Come Back Next Week for the 100th Give~Away

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