May 5, 2010

Busy, Busy White Wednesday

Hello to Everyone
on this Sunny Wednesday, At least here in Michigan

I got home yesterday about 2:45 from 3 days of being away for work, I was only
back long enough to change clothes & off to "The Messy House"
I spent 4 hours there clearing out the largest Bedroom....

So I am Busy & Oh So Tired

now for My White Wednesday Photos, these were taken while I was out working,
I have shown photos before of Their Beautiful Home, She use to take care of
all these wonderful Gardens in 5 acres, but over the past few years, she can no longer
do it, All these White Flowers are the Now Unkempt Gardens ~ Weedy,
But Still has the Beauty of the Blooms

The Regal Dandelion seed head ~ a Pain, but Very Pretty
Bleeding Hearts
My Favorite ~ Lily of The Valley
More Lily
Something Lacey, about to open, which will be White

The End of the White Tulips
about 30 minutes later the wind came & blew the petals away

now I'm getting ready in My Yucky Clothes,
off for a Full day at "The Messy House"

I have to finish the last small bedroom & then the attic crawl space & a large closet
(these I am Not looking forward too, the Stuff looks Interesting, but the possibility
of coming across a furry little critter ~

Freaks Me Out

Back with another post at the end of the Week, of some more New Found

Have a Wonderful Week


  1. White flowers are my favorities. Beautiful photos!

  2. Love the garden pictures. That is the one thing I love the best about Spring! All the flowers continue to bloom regardless if they've been attended to or not. Happy WW!
    Take care, Sue

  3. What! It is Wednesday already???

    Love your flower photos. Have a good time cleaning again!

  4. I'd love to have an all-white cottage garden. But then I go to the garden center and come home with beautiful flowers in all colors!

  5. Hi, What a beautiful garden, your photos are perfect for white wednesday. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi, I feel your pain. I feel like Ive been cleaning for 3 weeks straight - yet nothing gets actually clean. Love the white flowers, especially the white bleeding hearts. They used to grow wild all around the house I grew up in - good times (probably because I never was cleaning)
    Enjoy - Dee xo


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