Jun 7, 2010

Did you really say that.....

Do you ever run into situations when Your
Out & About that make you

How Rude ? ! ?

most of you who Follow & Read My Blog,
know that this past weekend was going to be
filled with Tons of Garage Sales & Flea Marketing

My Favorite thing in the world

It Certainly Was Crazy Fun & Filled with Some
Rude People

So Time to Vent a little

Friday, My Niece Jenny, My Daughter & Myself
(with 3 kids) were having a great day hitting as
many Garage & Yard Sales as we could.....

we would take turns getting out of the Van
to scope out the Sale, then we would know
whether or not to keep kids in the car or
unbuckle & haul everyone up.....

Most times, 2 would go to the sale while watching the kids
in the car
then the other would go check it out when 1 returned....

But we were stopped dead in Our tracks
when we were slowly driving down the street to Peruse the Up coming Home
that had it's Sign out front.....

When we all Saw it ~ a Sign, Larger than the Garage Sale Sign that was telling folks
there was a Sale

no children allowed beyond this point

We're Not talking High End Retail Store

I mean, Traps & tables in the Drive Way with
"Stuff" tagged for sale !

No Children Allowed!

Jenny, Mandy & I Passed on stopping.... I am sure there
are Parents who would Neglect their Kids at sales like this
& perhaps, could Run A Muck ~
but Not I, Not My Daughter, Not My Niece

We jokingly said, we should all walk up to the Home & proudly hand the Owners who were running the sale the 3 Little ones we had in tow, so we Could Shop at their Sale ~
Needless to say, We Drove Away....

Now for the Next RUDE Moment

Only a few blocks away from the No Children sign

Jenny & I were looking around at some fun Vintage Stuff ~

Cute Old Baby Sled - $10

Book Ends - $5

Table - $10

Then we see some lady, who I believe turned out to be the Lady of the House (Hubby was running the Sale)
She told her Husband Not to sell this
(pretty Cool Looking Brass Eagle)
I think she had just looked it up on eBay or something &
said it was worth $450.00

Well, they then put a $450. sign on the Eagle
(again, Cool but Maybe $50)
(I would take Bets that Eagle is Still at the Owners Home)

Then I spot an old 1936 Dictionary, No Price...
So I ask the man, what they were asking for the Book ~
Same Lady comes up & says, She didn't have time to check
out what it was worth yet, so if I could come back the
Next day, she May Have a Price !

I almost Half Laughed & Said, I Don't Think So, but Thanks anyway

If you Don't Know what You want to Price Your items, or Don't Want to Sell Them,
Then DON'T Display them on the Table!

Am I Venting Enough ~

No, Another Story that Ticked Me Off

Saturday ~ Mid Day
Edison Street Sales
(Annual sale - Old Homes built by Henry Ford in the late 20's)

I am looking thur an Old Box of Bits & Pieces of Trim, thread on wooden spools ~ small bits of Lace, Nothing great, but fun trim to have ~ I see 3 Old Silk Tassels that have a .50 cent tag & that is crossed out & .25 cents is rewritten, they by far where the Best thing in the whole box, so if I took a few items, what could it possibly cost, $2 - $3 Max

No, I go up to the Lady who is obviously Not in a Good
Mood & I show her my now 4 Items....
I Politely ask her How much would all this run


I say, well if these (tassels) are only .25 cents, would she
take $2.00 for all of it

She looked at Me & Said NO, $5.00
"and I Expect YOU to put anything You Don't Want BACK !"

If I didn't want the Tassels for .25 cents, so much, I think I
would have Tossed the items at Her ~

How Rude!

I gave her a Quarter & walked to the table & put the other 3 items back

I Secretly hope she had Horrible Sales that Day !

Not Done Yet !


How Dumb is it to Leave a Toddler in a Empty Car, while You Shop
at Garage Sales, Now were Not talking, parking at the end of the drive while you quickly run up & check out the table, all while
keeping 1 eye on the car

We are talking, leaving child & walking up & down the street
(Edison Street Sales has about 100 homes that have Sales)

At Least they Cracked a Window so the Child would not die from the Car heating up....

Now, as the 3 of us See this child in the car, I look about 5 houses down & there is a Police car slowly coming down the street,
Police car is obviously pulling up to another home- I go up to tell the Officer that there is a Child 2-3 years of age, left alone
in a car just a few homes down....

To My Amazement, He tells me that He will get to that, as soon
as He handles the Situation that he was just called to ~

A Young Child is Left at a Home ~ His Parents Just Left Him there....

I sure Hope it was a freak accident where the Mom thinks the Dad has him & Visa Vera ~


Sunday ~ Flea Market

Picture, Dark Cloudy Day,

we arrive about 11:30, but dark clouds coming our way & rain start to fall....
we look around for about 40 minutes but decide since we
have a Prego Woman (Jenny) & a little guy (Holden 1.5)
in the wagon, we would get our hands stamped & go to eat and be
back in an hour or so when those dark clouds & Rain pass ~

We come back at 1:30, still good, 2.5 more hours till the end
& the sky is now nice & blue ~ Any Threat of rain has
clearly passed....

Sun is shining & the temp is Mild 68
(Jenny being from Georgia, was freezing)

anyway, we continue to look around ~
lots of Junk but always have to look, never know when you will
find a Treasure ~

about 2:15, we start to notice that Many of the Dealers are
starting to pack up their Wares ~

What the Heck, We Paid $10 to get into this Sale, which clearly runs till 4:00

How Rude !

At this point,
we are nearing the end,
which brings us full circle to the Starting point
The Ticket booth

I can't believe my eyes, when I see that they are
still charging people for admittance to the Flea Market
around 3:00

As we leave, I ask the ladies that are Still Taking $
What the policy is for Dealers packing up,

I told them that 1/2 the booths were closed at this point, which
did not seem fair, since we paid admittance to shop till

All they responded was, they Ask the dealers to stay till
the end, but there's nothing that can do, if they choose to pack up early

What, Was this a Domino Effect?

One Dealer sees another packing, so they begin to pack up themselves....

I did manage to pick up a few new Treasures
(photos later)

but for the Most part

I have Never run into So Many
RUDE People while Out Treasure Hunting
in My Life!!!!!

Ok, I'm Done....

I Feel Much Better Getting all that Pent Up
Frustration Off My Chest....


Friday will be here before I know it & off to another

Great Neighborhood Sale

Let's hope they All get up on the Right Side of the Bed
Eat their Wheaties That Morning

If Not, I just may Have to Be

Rude Back! ! ! !


  1. Cheryl,
    I know what you mean. Either price it or don't put it out! Come back for a price!!!!!! Get real!! You had a doozey of weekend! Hope all is much better this coming one!
    smiles, alice

  2. Hopefully you hit all of the rude people this past weekend and you'll have better luck this weekend. I hated to read about the young child left in the car....what are people thinking?
    Look forward to seeing the pics of what you did find.

  3. What a weekend! I can't believe all you saw this weekend! tHAT LITTLE PIC OF sTEPH FROM FULL house is just perfect for this post! Really ! No children! Good for you for driving by! And I am glad you got your hands on those tassles :)

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    I have seemed to run into a ton of rude people lately also. I don't know if people are stressed out over the economy or what, but there seem to be a ton more rude people out than normal.

    Three cheers for the happy, polite ones!

  5. They tried but I'm glad they weren't able to ruin your weekend. Good luck this weekend,

  6. Wow you did meet some rudeness. I could not believe some of the stuff I was reading. I was laughing because you did such a great job narating the whole event and I could picture all of it. I hope that you have a great week ahead.


  7. It IS amazing how rude people can be...and you have to wonder if they KNOW they are being rude, and if they do, do they even CARE?!
    I am thinking it's due to the economy but if yu want to make money, who cares if they have children! You just want the stuff to sell!!
    Hope your next week is much better!


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