Jun 18, 2010

It's Finally Studio Time......

Trouble has Past

Photos are Finally Up.....

I have been able to upload all My Studio Photos.....

Thanks for Waiting

I sure hope it is worth it~

I Love my little old Studio ~ I live in an Old Upper Flat
and the Dinning Room [Studio]
is the Center of my Apartment, so all the rooms are off my Creative Place
(not to mention that I have Supplies in every room)

I also have a Studio on a Tight Budget ~
Most things in My Studio were either Free or Close to it....

including my 2 sewing machines (the portable is pictured - Free)
My Other - 1940's was also free (not in photos)

All My Furniture ~ Shelving ~ Cupboards
were given to me, Yard Sales or Free Curb Side Treasures....

Alittle Soap & Water, a Bit of Paint

Now sit back & EnJoy

this great cabinet was a Yard Sale find $12.00

Cubby Hole Shelf ~ Hand Me Down from My Sister
Little white china cabinet was My Mom's
when she was 5 - 81 years old now
My Grands play with it whenever there over

Shelving ~ came with this apartment
Curb Side Treasure with some paint added
$10 ~ Garage Sale Find
I painted the B&W Night Stand
another Curbside Treasure
Old Children's Toy Dresser
$10 ~ Yard Sale

My Prized Art from JoAnnA ~ was the most expensive piece in
My Studio ~ But PRICELESS

Supplies & eBay * Etsy Central
Love the eBay Priority Shipping Boxes
& of course Black Bags of Packing Peanuts
(all recycled from a Friend)

My Computer
(gift from My Sister)

Santa Painting ~ Gift for Christmas several
years back from My Kids.....

[btw: Karen did an Awesome job on my new blog design]

Click Here or Right side Bar

Hope You EnJoyed

Now I need to haul out the stuff & Start
C R E A T I N G.....


  1. Don't you just HATE when stuff doesn't work! I spend half of my life fighting with "things" that never work for me. I'm sorry for you because I KNOW that feeling well!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Oh how frustrating! Don't worry, I'll come back!


  3. But I started at the end of the alphabet :-) I will take a look around but know that I will be back again, too.


  4. I went thru the first third and then thought I would start the next round at the end, lol.
    Best wishes with the camera!

  5. Don't worry we'll all be back! Love the look of your blog...so creative ...so fun!

  6. Hilarious! - I am so with you dear. I almost had to not participate because blogger was acting so glitchy with my post! Deep breath - I will be back I promise!

  7. Being on the bottom of the list made me come visit you. I was not disappointed to know that time will bring me back. Good Luck and do not give up. Come visit me on Etsy or at my blog and enjoy the party anyway. Jan

  8. I cannot wait to peek back in!!

  9. Sorry to hear about the technology challenge. I had to comment when I heard your music. If you have a chance to visit my blog scroll down to the very last picture of my art room and you'll see why. One of my favorite songs! Good luck with the camera.

  10. I will definitely be back...no worries :)

    happy day!


  11. And here I came back!
    Now I have a couple questions...does your printer have a place to put the camera chip? And is it connected to your computer?
    OR does your computer have a place for your chip?

    Why do I ask? Because I NEVER use the cord to download - why when I have two places I can put the camera chip in and have another "drive" open up on my computer.

    Good luck!


  12. Sorry about your troubles with the cord. I'll be back.

  13. Don't worry, we can all relate to this situation....will definitly check back.

  14. That's so funny- I started visiting blogs starting from the beginning, and then decided that I should show some sparkly love to the one's at the end! We'll be back... (spoken with an Arnold voice)
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  15. This is how life goes... it's supposed to be a joke I'm sure of it... so I'll be back when the new camera arrives or the cord or whatever you need and in the mean time... dance sing and laugh and show life who's boss!

  16. Well, this is my second visit. Having the letter "Z" (by the way, love it), I went to you first, now I started this party friday night and have completely gone thew the list and you are the last visit. Sorry to see it end, I had a grand time. Have a great week.

  17. Give me a holler when your back.....I am expecting something big now! ha!


  18. Hi Cheryl,

    I'll be back!! Bless your soul..oh how aggravating these cameras can be at times.

    I'd love for you to come over for a stroll through my studio. It's been an ongoing transformation for almost a year since I moved in to our new home.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  19. Hi Cheryl... so sorry you had troubles! I will be back! I went to the bottom of the list so you would not feel left out! xoxo Julie Marie

  20. Hi Cheryl,
    It looks like you have lots of wonderful storage at bargain prices too! I love those white metal racks!
    You look pretty organized to me! A little art everyday! :)
    Thanks for sharing your space!
    Take care,

  21. Oh - this makes me smile! You have a wonderful, wonderful space - so many vintages piees furniture that you have made such wonderful use of! I love the way uour supplies are stored - such organization! Beautiful - beautiful - I love this special place! So glad you were able to get these posted. Would have been such a shame had you not been able to post them!


  22. I'm back and it's worth the wait! You have a real eye for the treasures and I love it when people "rescue" the treasures and give them a new life. There is something about working at an old table and thinking about all the conversations carried on there and meals served... I'm rambling! Thank you for inviting me back and for sharing your space with us.

  23. Wow. Worth the wait. How do you find such great furniture? Good job. And thank you for having supplies in every room - makes me feel better. However you store yours way better than I. But I am going thru all these websites looking for ideas and your photos are loaded with them. Thanks and sorry your computer didn't have a chip holder, but the cable works so thats all you need.

  24. I'm back! Thanks for stopping by....you must always get to the curb before me! I never find that neat stuff and I would die for all the room you have!!


  25. Congrats on your new cord and I love your space! Ok- I have to say it - just because I am very immature... NICE RACKS! (The ones you got for $!!) Ha Ha, I have been inhaling too much Pixie dust! Thanks for visiting us!
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  26. Love that almost every single thing in your space has a story to tell and a price that kills! Fabulous and a wickedly awesome shot of Santa! Love your space and am super glad that you got your new cord! Have a great night!

  27. I loved your space! The pieces you have for storage and display are wonderful...I can't believe you got that one cabinet for $12.00! And the paper racks for $1.00!! Great finds!!
    I really enjoyed the tour. Sorry you were having so many problems with your photo upload but as they say...better late than never!

  28. I love all your yard sale finds and vintage treasures! That little hutch is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hey the space is great. Love that huge table in the middle of the room. I love a big table to spread everything out. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my space. Susan

  30. Thanks for the tour! Great storage finds.

  31. It's wonderful, Cheryl! Don't you wish we could step through our computer screens and visit in person? And play together? Now, that would be a party!!! :)

  32. Wow!
    Great looking space, I'm so glad you were able to get your pictures loaded! You have lots of fun organizational ideas, thanks for sharing them :).

  33. Hi again Cheryl... so glad you got your photos to load! Your studio is fabulous! You have so many wonderful treasures, I especially love your $12.00 cabinet, what a find! You are very organized in there and I am sure it is so relaxing for you to craft in... your storage bins look great! Thanks so much for sharing... xoxo Julie Marie

  34. Hi,

    Just catching up with a few visits! Thanks for sharing your very economical studio. Very resourceful and creative. It's been fun to visit here.


  35. Cheryl no wonder so many beautiful things come out of this room. You have eveything you need in this wonderful space to make your art. Isn't it such a great thing to have a place to call our own?!

  36. Wow! What a great Creative Space!! Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for stopping by Baxter's Mom and for your nice comments!!

  37. Love your space - how handy that you can use your dining room! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  38. HI! I am very excited you got your photos up! and your space looks like a dream for you and your creative grands!How fun!

  39. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your creative space-especially that you thrifted or got your stuff free. Way to go. Most of my stuff was thrifted too. I'm glad you got your pic's up.Also love your blog design-so pretty!

  40. I am not so great at finding things at the curb. Your seem to be an expert at it and make such great use of the things you find. Thanks so much for sharing your studio space and thanks for visiting me.

  41. What a great room you have - and so much space. Love it.
    and thank you so much for visiting over at my place too.
    ~ Tina

  42. Hello friend.....I love the fact that you have found so many bargain and free finds to use in your studio. Very inventive I must say.



  43. You have an adorable space and all those creative finds you have for storage - I am envious :D
    Off to more studios, hope you can come by mine...Crazy4Art4u
    Have a beautiful day,

  44. Cheryl, Since I'm still making the rounds on the studio tour, I had to peek in on this post after hugging on your bear for a bit! I'm with you on JoAnnA's artwork being so wonderful....oh you have a great piece!! I love your nose for the hunt...all the great buys and free pieces you've accumulated are awesome. I could spend hours in your place digging through the jars and taking in your magnificent collection of this and that...Xo, sue

  45. I'm slowly getting to everyone..so I have skipped to the end to say Hi and say wow that is some creative space..lot's of yummy storage for all of your supplies. TFS!

  46. Wow! Are you resourceful or what?!?! Lots of great finds and furniture and you didn't have to pay an arm and a tail! Everything looks wonderful!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Have a great week!

    Romeo and "her"

  47. Cheryl, I adore your studio with all of your wonderful storage cubbies! A place for everything, and everything in its place. ~ Angela

  48. Cheryl, you have some fabulous finds in your studio. My studio furniture is also all second hand stuff. Thanks for visiting and I totally agree it would be fun to climb in and play in all the studios! Thanks for sharing. Connie

  49. great space, and what great garage sale treasures you have found! thanks for sharing~

  50. What wonderful "finds" to store all your treasures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  51. I love that little three drawer childs dresser! And of course your grands art wall is a perfect studio touch, so sweet that you encourage their creativity. Great storage finds too. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  52. OMG Cheryl I finally made it over here!!! I love that your studio is filled with old second hand finds just like mine. In fact it seems to be a recurring theme among us bloggers! Thank you so much for joining the party and letting peak inside your creative home.
    My Desert Cottage

  53. I was so much enjoying your studio photos and then nearly fell off my chair when I saw the Santa picture. I have the exact same one and it hung in my studio until just a few months ago when I moved it into the laundry room!! I felt right at home when I saw that. Thanks so much for the tour!

  54. Hello, Sorry it took a bit to get to your creative space but I have been slowly making my way through the list. thanks for the wonderful tour. Your space is great and I love all the value finds you got for storage. Super! thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day. Angela


Thank you for visiting... Have a Happy & Creative day ~ Cheryl