Jul 1, 2010

So, What Do YOU Think ? ? ?

While Blog Hopping today,
I had to go & check out

of All the Wonderful Homes......

This is where My Post Question comes from

I am sorry to say, I don't remember exactly
Which Month or Year of Home
Fabulous Inspiration Photos
came from
Believe Me ~ they're in there ~ Somewhere

I Love Blue ~ Any & All Shades
I also Love a Vintage, Funky, Worn Style

I Fell in Love with both the look of the Table & the Desk
(sorry to you if this is your wonderful furniture, I should have written down reference - but Love Your Style)

Of course, I am suppose to be going thru numerous Boxes of
getting ready for a Huge
Garage sale with My Daughter
Next Weekend

But, I get Side Tracked ~ A LOT!

so, out came all my little bottles of Craft Paint & this is the color I
came up with.....
I need to get more paint, but the color is getting Close ~

You can go back to My Creative Studio Post
to see My Work Table in all it's lovely Brown
I Love the Shape, but have Never Loved the Color
but come on, it was Only $10....

So My BIG Question

Should I Paint it All ~
Should I only paint the Bottom & leave the Top Brown (Desk)

I will rough it up so the brown shows thru.....

What Do YOU Think ? ? ?

just brushed on some of the Test paint in a smaller area
Photo I took for the Inspiration on
The Old Painted Cottage ~ link above
Yep, My studio is already a mess
Another photo of Inspiration OPC ~
what do you think of the painted base only
I just wiped on some of the paint with
my finger
true color is alittle deeper, this was still wet

It's Up to You Now......

I think I'll try to get back to the boxes ~ their Not going
to Tag themselves.....


  1. I love the blue!!!!!!!! I like how the paint brings out the detail on the wood. I say go for it. Love what you do and never look back, Happy 4th. XO MARY

  2. The blue is crazy gorgeous!!

    I love the look of a dark top on a light or colored base.

    You can always go back and paint the top blue, but I think I would try leaving it brown just to see if you love it.


  3. Very cool, Cheryl! I can't wait to see your finished pieces. It's gonna be fabulous! Have a great holiday weekend, my friend.

  4. I love the color and it will be great!

  5. Go with your heart, after all you're the one who will be living with it! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Charming...dark top with lighter base. ~olive

  7. I love the blue! I also like Olive's idea about the darker top. Thank you for sharing and for your wonderful words about my Mom! Have a blessed and safe 4th and keep on creating!

    Kit from Paperkitz

  8. Love the turquoise-I'd paint the top white and leave the detail the blue. It's only paint-you can always change it!

  9. I have painted the bottom all the blue ~ well it needs another coat & as soon as I have a free moment, I will finish & post Photos.... For Now, the top will remain the Brown, then when I get tired & need a change, I will Paint it White!

    Thanks for the Ideas.....


Thank you for visiting... Have a Happy & Creative day ~ Cheryl