Aug 10, 2010

My Mountain

this really is a corner of my very small living room
inside these boxes ~ Treasures of Vintage Stuff
waiting to be unburied
all courtesy of
"The Messy House"


  1. I have a corner in every room that looks like that! My oldest son is going through a divorce and moved back in a couple months ago- he has an apt but can't move until the 7th of Sept. My father in law passed in Feb. I have stuff everywhere! I sending a lot of it with my son next month to get him started on his own again!
    Then there's the other son who graduates in from college in Dec., but I think he will be here a while longer until he can find a job and get some of his loans paid off.
    Some where here are treasures waiting for a new awakening!
    Hope you post what you dig up!
    Blessings your way- Tete

  2. Wow! That looks exciting Cheryl!! I mean most of the time those are the kinds of boxes that bring forth the best kind of treasures... lucky you! I can't wait to see the goodies. Have fun! Theresa


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