Sep 19, 2010

Under the Spell ~

Under the Weather....
Seems like forever since I have been on the computer
usually a several times a day ritual for Me
I took all these Welcoming Fall Photos
the beginning of the week
while I was out visiting My Lady I care for...
this is their Property

This is a young fox that was born in the early spring
taken with the zoom from the bedroom window
The Deer photos, did not turn out....
Deer & Fox are daily visitors
This place is smack dab on the edge of a subdivision
5 acres of that holds tons of
Nature & Wild life....
Now I am going to go & take another nap,
I picked up a Nasty Cold & just can't seem to shake it...
Feel Like Crap!

Sure hope this clears soon, since I have had to stay away
from My Grands All Week Long

Don't want to get them sick....

So this Bubbie is just Resting, Sleeping, drinking Juice & then Rest Again...

I promise, I will catch up on all the Silver Sunday & White Wednesday Post,
since I have been Absent from My Blog for a Week...


  1. Hi Cheryl:
    How wonderful to see a little red fox every day. Such a sweet face. Hope you're feeling better and can see your grandbabies again soon.

  2. Hey Cheryl- Hope you get to feeling better! It's going around here too- my son had it 2 weekends ago and he is still congested at times. I have been trying to take it now this last week, but so far, not like he had it.
    Apple juice and getting my rest.
    Love the little fox- they are so cute. We have a lot of them here too along with the deer. They are easliy seen now that the corn is out.
    Have a good rest and get well- Tete

  3. What great pics! Sorry you are not feeling well. Get lots of rest, and eat some chocolate. Always makes me feel better...*wink.

  4. Hello friend....I have not been by here for ages....i'm sorry for that....and I'm so very sorry you are under the weather. Take care of your self and get well.



  5. I'm so sorry you feel 'crappy' Cheryl. But at least you feel crappy in a gorgeous place!!! Sending you warm hugs for restored health.

    I love the photos of the sweet little fox.
    Get better soon my friend!!!

  6. I can't get over the fox photos - something we never, ever see around here. How wonderful! Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon!

  7. Hi Cheryl! Just wanted you to know that I had you on my mind this morning. I hope your cold's all better and you're having a lovely weekend. That fox is so cute. Probably cuter then he is nice.

    Be blessed Sweetie. Hugs...Tracy :)


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