Oct 12, 2010

To Ponder & Pray

Today I am posting on a personal level,
something I don't normally do....

Many of you who visit or follow know that
I am a Care Giver for a Sweet Lady with Alzheimers
I have been Taking care of her for many years...
I was always there, whenever Her Hubby could not be,
While He Worked, Traveled & His other commitments....

Hubby & Sweet Lady are also My Landlords
My apartment was part of My Care Giving
(even thou I live 39 miles away from them)

For awhile now, I have or at least should have been
aware that Hubby could & would at some point in Life, Retire....

I Should have been More Prepared for this,
Not only in Spirit, but in Monetary ways...


It Happened

I feel like it Blindsided Me

Out of the Blue, No Notice, No Chance to Save Alittle....

One day Your In & The Next Your Out

I never was paid much in compensation

My Benefits included:

The Sweet Little Place I Live
Gas for My car to cover the travel

For Now
I will still be On Call, but it may only be once a week
or an occasional trip

I Will NOT be Paid at all, but for the time being
I can stay living in the Sweet Little Place
I call HOME



Finding another Job here in Michigan is Not an easy thing to accomplish here
(or anywhere in this economy)

I am also Not a Licensed Care Giver

I was Blessed to have come across the job I had
as Private Care

So, if any of You are wondering Why in the World
I am listing so many things on

Etsy & Ebay

I am Trying to Survive....

To Be Honest, I have 0 in the bank
and Very Little in the Pocket Book

I Ponder on My Future


As Always


Thanks for listening while I vent from the Heart

If anyone knows how to promote my etsy shop or my blog more,
please let me know....
I feel I need to get the word out

I just started listing items recently on etsy
even thou I opened my shop I think in 07


  1. One door doesn't close without another one opening. Look for the doorknob!
    I know it's scary, and we have been there many times- but we always have what we need when we need it.
    You'll be in my prayers morning, noon and night until your find your doorknob.
    Hang in there.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. I agree with Tete above. With the way the economy has been the past few years, life for me is always day to day. At first, I use to freak out, and then I realized I was okay, things would work out one way or another. And they have. You WILL find your "doorknob", I think that is given. Just stay positive and every little thing will be alright!

    Take care, Sue

  3. Hi Cheryl! He always provides... always! I love what Tete said about looking for the doorknob, so true and I am filing it away for future use! Thank goodness for ebay, etsy and your wonderful talents, your blog for venting, we all need to do that sometimes and the prayers and support you will receive here... you were blessed with that job and you will be blessed again. I'm sure more times than you can count... He only wants good for you, and if He cares for the sparrows than surely He is watching out for you. Take care, sending prayers your way, Theresa xoxo

  4. Good luck on your etsy store.

    My mother had dementia and by the time she died had no idea in the world who I was, so I appreciate the fact that you helped that couple out. In Ohio there are agencies that are always looking for caregivers, so maybe you can go that route. I don't think they are licensed and I don't think the pay is huge, but it might get you through the rough patches???

  5. Hey girl- thanks for the wishes- just got my ww post done and up.
    My Bf Rebecca is going to grab some of your things off of Etsy too when I get to feeling better. I will have to do it for her- we can't get her paypal to work.
    Hugs- Tete

  6. On the way home from work I always ask Tete was new in blog land, she told me of your troubles. What a blow! God gave you a special gift and he'll find a way for you to use it!!! I'll be checking out your stores and I"ll keep praying-God Bless!

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    Wow, I am so sorry! I am glad that for now at least you can stay in your home. I know all too well what you mean about the job market being tough here in Michigan, and I wish you luck. I have an Etsy hop too and have been trying to find ways to promote & market, as sales have been slow. I've been toying with the idea of contacting Romantic Homes Magazine (do you get it?) with a craft project, in hopes that they might feature it (and my shop, of course!). I know it's a long shot, but if they can feature other bloggers and crafts people like they do each month, whey can't they feature us? So I think it's worth a try!! Best of luck!

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles Cheryl. However ,I do know that God is in control and He will see you through this. I firmly believe that when God closes a door He opens a window so just hang in there!
    I LOVE your scripture postcard piece. I have two made exactly like that with roses on and I adore them!!!

  9. ...Thank you for dropping by my blog!..White Wednesday...we sell vintage items now we are at a Antique mall!..I pray you will sell sell sell!.
    God is in the details...and hard as it feels sometimes.... he has you in his plan.
    Remember to get a letter of reference from these folks and use this as a starting p0int...my husband is a teacher but does respite care for adults.
    Thinking of you.....Colleen
    p.s. great music!

  10. Oh Sweetie, what a terrible blow. It's so easy not to be prepared believe me I know! We have much in common. I'm praying for you and know that as everyone said the Lord will be there opening another door for you. I pray for your peace of mind because I know the worry is so hard to bare. What a blessing you have been to that family. Alzheimers is such a bitter and unkind disease. You must be an angel to have dealt with it. I hope God not on blesses you but that family as well. I pray that the perfect answer comes to find you and that you secure in the knowledge that He is with you.

    Much love...Tracy :)


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