Nov 1, 2010

My Bubbie Sitting Week

It's officially been an entire 24 hours since
my role of
Bubbie Sitter
has been complete

except for Elliot my kitty
who wanted to play forever when I finally got home

I slept very soundly last night

This morning I met my daughter & the smallest ones at
Panera Bread for Brunch - it was my middle daughter Nikki's
Birthday today (who works at Panera's)
so we went to visit....

I then went to the store shopping for Fall Florals to make Nikki a
Wreath for her front door to use until Thanksgiving, when I will
replace with a Christmas Wreath
[since her gift I ordered had Not arrived in time]

Then this evening we all went to dinner at Bahama Breeze
it was very Yummy & I was happy Not to cook
since I did so much of that this past week when watching
the little ones...

Now I am Home & almost ready for bed, the Hot bath is
running, water for a cup of Cranberry Pomegranate
Green Tea is brewing
I'm Finally
Posting with some
Pics from My Week of
Bubbie Sitting
with My Favorite
Little People

So Many Pumpkins to pick from
of course I had to go & actually carry that one
don't tell his mommy, but I found a
flower embroider on the rim of these pants
I hadn't noticed that he had on his little sisters pants
until we were at the Cider Mill
can you see I at least rolled the cuff up!

The girls couldn't quite reach

the kids thought the animals were
This little guy sure kept me
moving this past week
Miller coloring his pumpkin
Eme was so proud of her pumpkin,
that little pumpkin was so tough to
cut into that we had to use
marker for the face
Mem & her Auntie Nikki carved
this Blue's Clues pumpkin
in case you can't tell, it looked much better
with a candle inside
That's what Tom Cruise in Risky Business'
looked like at Age 1
Little guy stayed at home with Me &
handed out candy
Tinker Bell & Bumble Bee Fairy
were very cold posing without their
coats for this pic
It was Dry out but COLD!
since today was so busy,

Tuesday is Rest Day

See you all on
White Wednesday....


  1. You are so blessed...and I love mr risky business...Yeah- I'm like boys...girls scare me!
    They are all so sweet and it looks like you did a great job- they look clean and fed and no casts or stitches. Well done-
    So happy you got to eat out and be with the kids. I know you had a wonderful time!
    I will see you back here on WW!
    Rest up!

  2. Get some rest - you deserve it! You are the roll model to hold up for the rest of us Grammys to live up to!

  3. LOVE all the photos of your babies! Fall and Halloween has been so much fun for all of my family and little ones. We visited the Pumpkin Patch, went on a pre-school field trip to a real farm that happened to have pumpkins as well, and of course Halloween! They keep me busy, but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the entire world!!

    Take care, Sue


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