Nov 30, 2010


Submitting 101 ????
I am referring to the Magazine

Not the Biblical one,
this could be a whole other post.....

While Cleaning, Clearing, De-junking  & Organizing
I have come across lots of My Favorite

Cloth Paper Scissors is such a Fun 
Creative Magazine
Oh Course,  
All the 
Somerset Studio Winners.....

I have been wanting to Submit work to 
both of these Great Publications,

I must admit
It is All a Bit Confusing
So,  If  it's Confusing to Me,  could there be 
Who like Me ~ Would Love to 
they have some Big
on the
whole Process

I am sure Hoping that I will get Lots of You 
Wonderful, Fabulous, Talented
Artist ~ Bloggers 
Published Peeps
will Chime in with
Most Important Hints


Here are a few things that I have always
wondered about:

Is it Best to Send Photos
Actual Art Work?
What's Up with the Decorating of the
Mailing Box or Envelope?
[you know you always see those
fancy submissions with Art work on the Packaging - is that
really Necessary]
Do you Submit on a Schedule?
[send in items Only when you think they are needed - or do you send in things for future publishing]
How often do you tend to Submit?
Do you get Your items Back?
[I think I have read about sending a MO to cover costs]

I Have a Dream & I'm Not ashamed to Share It.....

I Want to Be Published

How About YOU

so I hope this will Generate some
Buzz around the Blog....

Make sure You include
Your Blog site when Posting,  I want everyone to 
be able to Visit Your blogs too....

Love the Generous World of the Creative Blogger




  1. Oh, Cheryl this is was beyond me or anything I have ever done. I am sure there are plenty of wonderful ladies out there who will be glad to help you!
    Can't wait until you accomplish this goal!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Hi Cheryl! Well girl, this is a goal of mine too! I have checked out the submissions page of SS and they want you to send in the original artwork. A lady here in town was actually published in SS holidays a while back and she said that you won't get your artwork right back, they might keep it for a different publication. I don't think it is necessary to decorate the box/envelope I think some people just like to do that. So check out the submissions pages of the ones you want to submit to and then look for ongoing or themed submissions. I always think that maybe I could at least get into an ongoing one because by the time I think to look for a deadline, I've missed it. story of my life! HAHA. was that at all helpful? hope so! Good Luck, go for it!!! Theresa xoxo

  3. To all that God has begun a good work...ALL will be answered for good!!!

  4. Cheryl you totally deserve it! I really hope it happens!!!

  5. I have been published in Somerset Studio a couple of times and will be in the next issue that is coming out as well as the SEW Somerset that comes out tomorrow. I look on the submissions page and if one of the "calls for art" sparks an idea then I go for it and usually get it in just under the wire for the deadline. I didn't follow a "call for art for the SEW Somerset, I just sent it.
    I once submitted just a photo and never heard a word so I think sending the actual work is better. I send return postage and have gotten my items back but it takes a while. I also adhere to their rules for marking everything so they can identify who it belongs to. I have never decorated the shipping box because I'm always sending it off at the last minute!
    You can do it - good luck!!


Thank you for visiting... Have a Happy & Creative day ~ Cheryl