Dec 9, 2010

Jolly Old Santa

After the day I had

I Needed to 

This Jolly Santa


  1. Hope you are doing better this afternoon after your late night swooning! I just posted a joke- a bad one- come on over for a laugh.
    Glad it helped- I just pray and ask him what to say.
    Me alone isn't too good- but I have special help.
    I also know that sick to your stomach feeling. Pray it away. Sometimes it takes a little bit before you can completely let it go, it lays dormant for years and then bang- something happens again and you have to go through it all over again.
    Talk about before with someone- get it out- so when it comes back again it won't be so bad.
    Turn around a face it and it's not as big as you thought it was.
    And always remember- it wasn't your fault- you are not to blame and it doesn't make you less.
    Never take the sin he made and claim it as your own.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Isn't Tete great-she gives me great advice like this all the time-she's right-I love the laughing Santa! God will put you in the right place if you let him!

  3. Hey Cheryl- I have lost your address and have a Christmas card for you! Will you send me your address to my email- it's on the earlier post?
    Please...I stuck it in something so I wouldn't forget where I put it, but I have slept a couple of time since then and now I have no clue. DOI


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