Jan 10, 2011

The Calm before the Snow Storm...

We had some warmer days, well at least above Freezing & lots
of the snow is gone, but the sky is cloudy with just the aura
of the sun shining thru
We are expecting 6-8" by tomorrow night,
I sure hope it changes direction

still have computer problems & posting will be
sporadic, but seems like I am getting more
Creating done....

Stay warm
I sure Hope that Airplane is heading someplace
Exciting & Warm.....

Have a Fun Monday


  1. Stay safe and warm, my friend.

  2. Have a safe warm day! Wish I were on that airplane if it IS headed someplace warm~;>) Diana

  3. Hope your computer problems get fixed soon and that the weather misses you. This is the time of year I dream of moving to Southern Florida and laying on the beach all day!

  4. HOpe you're doing good-been thinking about you!

  5. If that airplane is going someplace warm...sure wish I was on it :)


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