Jan 2, 2011

This Year 2011

Hope you can see without too much question
that my motto for
Here are some of my Ideas for the Year
not necessarily in this order
I want to Be Brave, take chances,
less tears, more action, be positive,
forget about the words can't, won't, shouldn't....
Forget about the past wounds & Feel Brave
Say No & Not feel bad, walk away from
uneasy moments
Lead with My Heart, Trust in My Art
Submit, Submit, Submit
(I'm talking Publishing here)
Be Brave
I am going to step out of the Shadows
Act with more confidence
Believe in Myself
Know I'm Able

Leave it in God's Hands
Be Brave

Happy 2011


  1. You are more brave than you know Cheryl-it's there-just need the confidence to show it! You go girl-at least by saying you'll acknowledge that it's already there inside you!

  2. Believe, inspire, be! Sometimes we fail, sometimes are disappointed = but to believe... to believe it's possible. I believe in you. And I KNOW your journey will be wonderful. With Love, Jennifer

  3. Excellent! And advice we could all adopt, eliminating can't, won't, and shouldn't. Cheers from the sidelines,

  4. If your weren't already brave, lion, you wouldn't have gotten this far. What you lack that others of bravery have is a symbol of that bravery. So I am here to pin such a symbol to your chest as proof to world that you are a hero. A medal- for all the days and nights spent raising your children alone. For being a friend to the lowest. For being a caregiver to those who were left behind and forgotten. And for being the best kind of friend in the blogging world.
    Signed- The Wizard

  5. Cheryl..I will be posting your word on my sidebar...there when I see it I will pray...and send you encouragement!

    What a neat word..I am going to try my hand at writing this year also.I was given my own computer...so now what I write won't be viewed till I want it to be..lol

    You go for it girl!!!

    Your friend in Texas...Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. I love this post. It is very difficult to be brave, I go through self esteem issues all the time. One of my biggest things for me this year is that I'm trying very, very hard to learn to say that one little word more often, "NO"! I just have trouble getting it to come out of my mouth. But as we begin a new year, I'm certainly going to force myself to use that tiny but powerful word much more often!

    Take care, & happy new year!

  7. I wanna be brave too Cheryl! You put down in words just want I would like to say to myself. You lead, girl, and I will follow in your steps! I will be here to encourage and congratulate you (and maybe me) as we step out of comfort zones that have tied us down. We are going to rock 2011!

  8. It sure Means So Much to have All of You behind Me.... Thanks To My Sweet Blogging Friends! God sure Leads Us to Where We Need to Be & Sends Us the People that We Need to Know ~ I think those People are My Blogging Friends, Just like Family! Lots of Hugs to You.... xox

  9. I followed your link back from my blog. Thank you for signing up as a follower...what a BRAVE thing to do;>) You have signed up to follow the Crazy Train...and I am glad to have you on board! I am returning the favor and signing up here as a follower because I can see that you have a heart-a wonderful, caring heart....you are my kinda gal. Glad you found me cuz now I found you, too. Hugs-Diana

  10. That is a great word for the new year! Happy New Year, Brave Lady!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  11. Being afraid to fail makes you afraid to try. Dream Big. Work Hard. Have Faith. You GO girl!!


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