Jan 13, 2011

Vintage Inspiration Friday


  1. Cheryl- Cute post. When I see you header it reminds me of a little shop..one I would just like to pick up a piece here and there to just examine it and see what might be behind it.

    I love that 3rd picture with the little girl's portrait-angelic looking and I love your treasured gifts- Hugs- Diana

  2. Hi girl- hope you got your computer working again. So miss you when you are not on here every day. Love this post. So many fun things to see! Love the fingers crossed. Did you get your God Box made? Need to post that. Using mine! I just love it!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Oh Girl-I hope things get better for you-I know it will-this is going to be a good year for everyone-believe it in your heart! I read your comment on Tete's post-think small -not big and let God do the rest-maybe you need a little down time to get focused and re-adjusted-last year had some changes for you that came suddenly-this year will be about GOOD changes YOU want-I'll be praying~!

  4. Hi Cheryl, love those b/w photos! And so many wonderful treasures and vignettes. So glad you linked up today, hope things are going well for you!
    big hugs,


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