Mar 4, 2011

Hobby Lobby

My New Favorite Store.....

I just Love my new

it was on clearance for $2

What Fun

we just started getting Hobby Lobby in our area
over the past year or so, I had been in HL
when I visited in Georgia & when My Daughter
lived in Arkansas
but it had been awhile,
My Cousin picked me up the other day & we went
to Hobby Lobby to buy stuff for her new
Gran daughter's Nursery
What Fun Stuff we found...

I am not usually a fan of Gold, so not sure if I will
repaint, or maybe cover the Letter with Book Print,
but for Now, I am just EnJoying My HL Treasure.....

I am working hard on getting my service turned back on
(currently Bubbie Sitting, Kids are all sleeping & I am catching
up with the Blogging World)

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Not sure why the underlining, guess I'll just live with it


  1. Hey Cheryl! How are you Sweetie? It was so nice to see you pop up on my blog! Oh' yeah be sure and come back and leave another comment saying you're a follower. I want to be sure you get a second entry and I don't trust me remembering on my own.

    I'm looking forward to you getting the computer back on but I bet not half as much as you are.

    Love you Hon'....Tracy :)

  2. Hi Cheryl how did I miss this post since I'm always looking for updates from you! Each day I think of you and pray that things are getting better in your life. Please continue to stay strong - I know better things are coming your way!

  3. OH...I love Hobby Lobby and when they have a mark down, they usually make it really down! Thanks for coming by the blog and leaving that nice comment.


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