Mar 27, 2011

I'm so darn Messy.....

[I think it's finally done, I added a few more touches]
When it comes to being


I think I should earn an award


Being The Biggest Mess


! ! ! ! !

These photos are cropped close, so your

Not really seeing the Extent of

The Mess...

Good thing it's just Elliot (my cat)


Me (or should it be I)

who share this place,

and he doesn't seem to mind....

I started this little project, because

Sunday is My Sweet Cousin Angela's


"Happy Birthday, Angela"

she sure has been My Rock these past months,

takes Me to the Movies each Friday, takes me to

Lunch or Dinner At Least once a week


did I mention

Her Hot Tub....

Outside on her patio, next to a fire pit...

Sure have had some relaxing moments this winter

in the Hot Tub!

I had an idea while I was taking a nap

so when I woke up, out came supplies

Angela is the Very Best Baker,
She makes the Yummiest Treats & Sweet Ever!
She is also a New Grandma
"Grammy Pants"
as her son {Emma's Daddy}
has decided to call her
as Her Grandma Name
[since Bubbie is already taken by ME!]
Angela makes Cake Bon Bon's
on a stick, a Perfect treat & that is what I
was going for with these balls
Cupcakes & Bon Bon's in the making

She's Not an Old Maid

but I thought the Card was Perfect for the background

Hope you can tell that the Blue & White

creation is suppose to be a

Cupcake .....
Well, that's the Completed project,

I Think She'll Like It

Now it's late, so

I think I'll leave the MESS

till tomorrow

(or I guess it is later today, since it is after 1 am)

Off to Bed I Go


Nite Nite


  1. Such a precious gift for your dear friend Cheryl!!! I love it ~ and I know she will!!!! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Cheryl this is so cute! I think Grammy Pants is going to LOVE it. I laughed about you getting this idea while you were trying to take a nap. Isn't that always the way inspiration comes? lol! Always at bedtime or as in yor case, naptime.
    I loved your sweet story about Eme June.(Juner) So darling!
    sending hugs

  3. She is going to love it for sure! It's so personal, the fact that you made it with so much love and care is the best gift of all! Nice to see a new creation of yours! xoxo

  4. Cheryl- That is really, really cute and she is going to love it! It is perfect; so personal and created with so much thought and love! Great I am messy when I create too...wayyyy messy! xxoo Diana

  5. Hi, Cheryl
    Thank you inviting me over to you blog to see the goodies you made for your cousin. I love the Grammy Pants shadow box full of the cupcakes and bon-bons you made and the Old Maid card is perfect. The snow man is a hoot! He looks like quite the comfy man.
    Hope warmer weather comes your way soon!
    Teresa S.


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