May 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Sent to Heaven
My Beautiful Mom was Born
May 2nd ~ 1926

Born in May
yet Her name was
Her Smiling face the day
My Son Ian was born 1988
with My Daughter's & Niece
June Marie Pierce Goode
1926 - 2002

Love You & Miss You

Happy Birthday
I'm sure You, Dad & Gramma
are having a Heavenly



  1. Happy Birthday to her and what a lovely tribute!

  2. I am sending big hugs to you Cheryl. I don't think we ever stop missing our moms. This was such a sweet post, Happy Birthday to your mom. xoxoxooxo

  3. Thanks for sharing the memories with us! I lost two aunts Friday morning (4/29). We've spent the week-end going through old photos and reminising. It's been tough, too. As one aunt was very close to me. She died the day before my birthday, and her birthday is tomorrow (5/3). We would celebrate together. Her kids are really having a hard time with Mothers' Day this week, too.


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