May 30, 2011

Time sure Flies....

Seems like forever since I have been on here....

I was called to duty to take care of My Sweet Lady,
while her Hubby was in the Hospital having back
surgery... Not good for Him, but We had
fun catching up & visiting....
but I am Happy to be Home & catching
up on all the things that I missed & need to do.

Was home just in time to Celebrate My Grand Eme's 4th Birthday,
see My niece Jen & her 6 kids come for a visit from Georgia.
to see the 2 Little Doves just before their Momma
kicked them out of the Nest...

So glad I had a pic from before I left & their Last day

I did see them yesterday sitting on the neighbors garage roof
but too far for a clear photo...



  1. How cute-Glad you are home. That first photo is so perfect it looks like an advdertisment for something.

    Our last 3 babies flew away tonight as we lifted SweetCheeks up to see how many babies were still in the nest.

    Off to bed soon here- it is gonna be a long day tomorrow- Hugs-Diana

  2. Hello's been awhile since I've been here for a visit.
    Your pics of the "family" are great!
    We have swallows building a nest in one of the baskets hanging on the porch...right underneath the Robin's nest, that's on top of the light.
    We've got a bird condo going on here.
    Whatever works.....

  3. Awwww how sweet. Our babe didn't make it. We did learn a bit about finches though, they will desert the nest after the egg is laid if they feel threatened. I'm not sure if it was the cat sitting directly under the nest torturing the poor things or if the porch was just too busy for her. I'm glad yours had a happy ending! t. xoxoox


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