Jun 14, 2011

Full Moon ~ Late Night

The Twilight of the Eve
sure started out
it is Now
4:30 am,
I'm Still Up

at this time, I can hear the birds starting their
morning outside my windows....

I have been working for hours, getting
ready for a Garage sale that I am having with some
friends, good thing it is at Her house,
cause this place looks like a bomb exploded.
at least I am Purging myself of
many things,
I would not want someone to think
I was a Hoarder
I Just Love "Stuff"
Vintage Stuff is My Favorite...

Well, I think I should be getting
a few hours of sleep, tomorrow will
be a long day

Nite World


  1. I know what you mean-I love to decorate and find treasures. Trying to make them all fit and look good is a job! Hope you do good at the sale!

  2. Good luck at your sale today! You're right, we are NOT hoarders... we just love old stuff! Hope you got some sleep! xoxoxox

  3. I hope you had a wonderful day and can get a really good night's sleep tonight. Did you make lots of money so you can go out and buy lots of NEW old stuff? xo Diana

  4. I am sure I am NOT a hoarder...I am a collector.
    :)) Hope you have a fabulous sale !


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