Jun 26, 2011

I Could, Could You....

Maybe you have seen other
posts from Bloggers recently
showing Tiny Homes like these....

The Small {Tiny} Home Movement

With My own living situation up in the air,
this would be a Dream Come True....
[even better if it could be on Wheels]

I Could Really do this,
Could You

Most of these homes are about 400-600 sq ft

No Hoarders allowed

I just wonder where I would store
All My
" Stuff "


  1. I think my stuff is all I could fit in one of these.LOL They are cute though.

  2. Less space to clean..you can see outside from all directions...you can be all alone...Yep I could do it!! We are majorly downsizing to live in our 40 ft 5th wheel...but these are cuter.
    I hope things are going okay for you..these changes are no fun!!

    Good luck..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. There is a tiny cottage like those here in town near my house and whenever I drive by it I imagine living there. But like you said... where would I put all my stuff, my family included!!! I think it's the dollhouse affect that has a hold of me, I never had one as a kid so I want a little hideaway to dream in now that I'm 50! Have a good night Cheryl! xoxo


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