Jul 23, 2011

Being Brave, Almost

I had fun working on a
new header this past week,
not fancy like a lot of you
digital pros can do
but it still showed what I wanted to do
a collection of some of the "Stuff"
I have created over the past few years,
that I have kept.....
Mohair Teddy Bears,
Art Dolls from a online class by
A Doll that I sculpted of My 1st Grand Memphys,
Angel for My Daughter,
The gold Elephant sewn entirely by hand
while My Son at the time {4}
& I were sitting in a Florida Hospital
when My Dad was diagnosed with the mean "C",
to the Pink & Blue altered
Dinty Moore Can front left....

I guess I would say I like
Mixture of Mediums
to make a long & boring story shorter,
I (as many of you) have a
Dream, that is to be Published in
one of the Somerset Studio Magazines
{they are Truly the BEST}
back to the story,
I was listening this week to
was featured one of the days,
Amanda was just what My Soul
needed to hear,
she was talking about
submitting & all the details that
go along with that....
It was all I needed
to get the Spark & Courage
to gather
some of the pieces
I have made & get them ready to
send off....

Yes, I am finally going to be Brave enough
to send in some examples of what I like to do~

You may think this is Silly, but for Me to
Put Myself Out There
HUGE! ! !
So, this coming week,
I Am going to
Be Brave....

Now, go about your business & have a Great Weekend



  1. Good for you for being brave. I love all those magazines too. I just wish they weren't so darn expensive. Good luck getting your artwork published. Keep us posted if they post some of your artwork.


  2. Can you feel that? That's both of my hands flat on your back pushing you toward your dream...really hard! You go girl and don't give up until you and your cooler than cool stuff is between the pages.
    Your header is drop dead gorgeous...silly.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Loving your header, Cheryl- You are much braver than I am!!! I think you CAN achieve your dreams-you just need to go for it! I LOVE those Somerset magazines too. I just found them in the last year-where WAS I??? xo Diana

  4. Your new header looks great. I love black and white photos for the way they "pop"! And contratulations on being brave and taking the plunge!

  5. You go, you brave girl! I'll be wishing nothing but good things for you! I hope the Somerset magazine editors see what we see when we visit here - that you are wonderful!

    Hugs (with a good luck pat on the back)


  6. Dream Big! And Be Brave!! Anything is possible!


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