Jul 20, 2011

Even Storage is Cleaned Up

Welcome to My
Cleaned Up,
Cleaned Out,
Re - Organized

Etsy ~ Supplies

this little room is a my storage
yet it would fit a twin bed & dresser
this entrance is located in my little
living room area, so perfect for
storage & supplies
I actually hauled everything out & slowly
went thru each & every box....
set up the card table to use as
a shipping area, so easy to
package things right there
Shelves with things listed
& more stuff on the table to
So Happy that is done
it feels good to know
the supplies I have for
the items I still
have to list on Etsy....

Hope you're All staying
it is Hot, Hot, Hot
so Stay Safe & Hydrated


  1. Congrats on organizing. I need to get on that.

  2. Looks like you are sizzling there! You can come and help me, too!
    Love your quote below...simple and truthful.
    Stay cool, girl- it's so hot here! But I am going out to play anyway, not going to do anything but look, and maybe not for long.

  3. Cheryl- Good job cleaning up, sorting out, organizing! I need to do that downstairs here-You're inspiring! xo Diana


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