Jul 10, 2011

Summer Fun & Memories

It may be Hot outside
today here in Michigan,
but inside at
this Bubbie's house,
it was filled with lots of
Girl Crafting

I had my 2 Grands Mem & Eme
along with their cousin
Makaylah from N.C.
(she is staying the summer with them,
while her Daddy is in Afghanistan - Ray is a
at first the plans were to have a sewing project
which quickly turned to painting when
Makaylah saw the paint I had...
so we switched gears, since I only had
2 large canvas & the 2 smaller ones,
they decided who would do what...
{which turned out fine}
first I had them color pictures
so they would know what they
would like their paintings to look like,
Mem's looks pretty much like her drawing
Sweet Sisters,
Mem helping Eme out

Makaylah sure looks Proud
above is Eme's painting, waiting for the
glue to dry so we could blow away the
excess Glitter - I think she went thru
4 little bottles of Glitter....
along with lots of Glitter, she likes LOTS
of glue too
I guess at 4, glitter is a fun thing to
A Painting for her Nana & her Mom
a Very Proud Memphys
Emersyn Too
I sure hope when they grow up,
they will all Remember this Day~
Thanks Girls, Bubbie had just as
Much Fun....

Girls just went home, so now I am off
to rest!


  1. Your little artist are adorable. My two sons are teens now, and it is the simple things like this that they remember most.

  2. So glad you had a day full of giggles and smiles. ;)

  3. Oh- they will remember this..and will have the pictures as a reminder. What a lovely day...glitter and girls and glue. Love it! xo Diaan

  4. Hi sweet Cheryl! Looks like a very fun art day!!! You are making memories dear friend and your grands are just beautiful as is their cousin!!!! Wishing you a great week Cheryl, hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Oh I love girl crafting days and making memories! Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl!


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