Sep 20, 2011

Any Table will do...

it may not be Pretty
but it will do
for now...

trying to set it up to work the


  1. Hey girl.... I have the very same table--- in my room kinda the same way. I used my hot glue gun and glued some fabric directly to the metal all around the base of the table to hide the legs and things I've got stored under it. For the top, I used the hot glue again and glued a vinyl tablecloth on top. Then... this is the best part. I placed a small bookcase on the table where it is up against the wall. YOU should do this too--- all kinda of room for storage!!!! On my blog, if you google "studio" you can probably see a photo of what I'm talking about ;-) You could probably even place that DARLING childs piece of furniture on there! Cute!!!

  2. Hello! Love your new table and this will be so much easier to clean when you create than the other one. You can skirt that and it will be so awesome. You could even wall paper the top and seal it with sealer for something really cool.
    Just wanted to check in with you on when you are going to mail my box. It's been awhile...and I really want to use some of it in creations for this fall.
    Hugs- Tete


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