Sep 9, 2011

Guess What's Missing

Can you tell at first glance,
what is missing?

Use to take up the entire center
of this room 
Did you Guess?

if it was My Favorite 
Get Legged Table,
I sold it on Craigs list 
this week,

Sometimes we have to do things that
Don't make us Happy

Any suggestions on a Cheap 
Crafting work surface????



  1. Shoot Cheryl, we preach to that to our children but we're no different. We don't wanna giveup our favorites either. Sorry you had to sell it but hopefully that only means something better will be coming down the road. You could always make something with some old pallet boards.

    OOXX's...Tracy :)

  2. A piece of plywood and 2 saw horses has worked for me. I am so sorry that you had to sell your table. I know that you loved it! xo Diana

  3. So sad, hope you got a pretty penny. And I agree, you've made room for something even better!
    Have a great weekend, Susanne.

  4. Hey sweet girl, I've had to do the same thing...many times! How about this ~ a door from the thrift placed on top of two filing cabinets...all thrift store purchased? I know you'll come up with something wonderful!!! hugs and love, Dawn


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