Nov 15, 2011

stopping in to say HI

My Computer is still broken, but today I am at My Daughters
checking up on everything, at least without a computer,
I am getting LOTS of stuff done,
Stuff I had been putting off ~
Changed around everything in
the Studio & the Organizing
is coming along, I have
all the Sewing stuff in one area, the Bear Stuff
in another & So On....
Plus I am having fun listening
to Christmas Music all day long,
2 radio stations in the Detroit area
are already playing it 24/7

so now off to check all my emails
Hope to be fixed & back soon.....


  1. Putor time does get in the way of getting things done sometimes. Christmas music 24/7? Already? Time is a flyin'.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I have been listening to Christmas music for the last week and may I say... it has put me in a fa la la mood! I hope all is well, t.xoxooxxoox


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