Jan 30, 2012

Train ride to California 1958

Check out that Television set
I would sure love to have that now....

  This is an old photo January 1958 My Mom & Dad,
Mom holding my sister {Kathy} sister Debby on Dad's knee
with Me the little blond, I had turned 2 in October...

We were having our photo taken before, 
My Mom, Dad & I head to the train station,
We are traveling from Michigan to California

Gramma {who lived with us} was staying with my sisters,
because they were in school....
 I love that Mom is taking off her boots to board the
train for a Long ride,  in High Heels...
 I'm certainly decked out in red,
check out those sweet shiny shoes,
hat, jacket & snow pants,  all in Red...
Dad is ready for the long trip with his
camera in tow, on his arm.
 I am the little one in the plaid skirt & yellow
top,  My fashionable Mom was sure to dress me,
the little girl in the rocking chair was my cousin
Barbara,   all I can remember about this is that
"Baby Barba, Bit Me!"
that is what I was told I said the entire trip,  
Barbara apparently did Not like me sitting in her little
rocking chair & came over and took a bite out of Me~

 What I was told about this is it was in
San Juan Capistrano
where the Swallows return,  those birds look
like doves to me,  but hey,  I was only 2
Loving the red outfit again....
 the above to photos are my Auntie Alma & Uncle Leroy,
Alma was my Gramma's sister, they lived in Mission Hills,  California
I think we stayed with them during the trip.

Below is My Favorite photo, the one I have used as my
Icon for ZanyMayd since I began blogging 5 years ago....

Our afternoon in Tijuana Mexico,
Mom & Dad on the ends with 
Alma and Leroy in the center....

{I wish I knew photoshop enough that I 
could take this photo & cut poor A & L out to
squish Mom in with Dad & me on the Zebra}

now all this looks like a lovely family vacation,
but the real reason that we traveled on the train 
all the way out to California,  was my Dad's Sister
Aunt Sis, (not ever sure what her actual name was)
was ill & my Dad thought it was a good time to go
even thou I think I remember stuff for the trip 
"Out West"  I think I am probably remembering
stories I was told... 

I do know that My Dad's sister passed away
that spring from Leukemia...
she always thought they would find a cure for

Either with Smiles or Tears,

I hope you will join in with  
Memory Lane Monday

Great to remember the Goode Old Days
{Goode is Maiden name}



  1. Thanks for sharing your story of those days...I always love those old pictures and seeing all the antiques. Thanks again! Hope you have a great week!

  2. What lovely memories & photos to have. I love those red leggings ... remember when, for sure. Back in 'the day' we did dress to travel ... where did those days go.

    So enjoy the pictures.

    Have a beautiful day.
    TTFN ~

  3. What a wonderful, heart warming story. Isn't it great that you have all those pictures to remember the trip with? Love all those cute little clothes you wore! Hugs- Diana

  4. Love your family pictures. I do not scan anything but have written some stories recently but they are so sad I think they should not be posted. I think kids were dressed better in the 50's and 60's. hugs, olive

  5. Great photos! Such a nice story behind the pictures.
    It's fun to look at things from the past, and remember the people we love.

  6. Cheryl! Your photographs are so wonderful, and I thank you for sharing your trip and family memories on Memory Lane Monday today. I so enjoy looking at the old photos. Nothing quite like a short stroll down Memory Lane.


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