Feb 27, 2012

Memory Lane ~ Here Comes the Brides

 I'm joining in with Memory Lane Monday,
it was truly Dressing Up

"Here Comes the Brides"

 These first photos are just about 21 years old,  
but seem like they were taken just

My Sweet Daughters, My Nieces 
& the little guy is My Son

we played dress up on a Hot 
Summer day,  
My oldest daughter Mandy wore My wedding dress, 
her sister Nikki wore my older sisters 1st wedding dress,
My 2 nieces wore their Mom's & their Aunt's other wedding dress,
(thank goodness for a divorce & 2nd marriage)
Ian My son is wearing his Dad's Tux

My sister & I took the girls to the photo studio
to have these professional photos done,
I think Ian stayed home to take his nap
The photo shoot was
complete with little bouquets that I quickly made
from flowers in our garden & my neighbors...
The girls were treated like they were each 
a Princess 
at the studio
You can see it in their 

      Nikki    &    Mandy

    Ashley  &   Katelyn

Ian  is of course the Boy

All these little kids are now
23 - 30 years old...

It seem it was in the blink of an eye

This bottom photo was taken in 2001
10 years later 
Mandy in Her wedding dress,  Dancing with
Her Brother Ian...

Priceless  Memories


  1. Oh, Cheryl-These photographs are just adorable! To see all those sweet children in family wedding dresses, and then to see Mandy in her own wedding gown with her grown-up little brother. Priceless!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story on MLM, too. It made me smile from start to finish.

  2. Time does fly doesn't it? Such fun pictures, you can tell how much the kids were enjoying playing dress-up. Great post.

  3. So nice to meet you. Isn't it fun doing these Memory Lane Mondays with sweet Donna.
    I enjoyed my visit here with you very much and this post is awesome.
    Great pic's and like Donna I love the picture of your daughter grown up and at her own wedding.
    Looking forward to being one of your many followers

  4. Beautiful photos and beautiful memories!!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. Oh how precious your photos are. All the memories that were made with this fun dress up day cannot be replaced. Thank you for sharing and linking to MLM with Donna.

  6. Cheryl you have the cutest kids. I bet this memory is deep in the hearts of your children as well. I love the darling photos of them playing dress up and the one of Ian and Mandy at her wedding :) is so beautiful!
    hugs from me...


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