Mar 14, 2012

Can you tell,

I have Zebra Love

all because 53 years ago, I took a trip to

This Zebra from IKEA 
hangs on my wall

a hang tag

  I love this old postcard,  I just need to frame it
 love this vintage tag, too!

 joining in this White Wednesday
with Kathleen, our Wonderful Host
Faded Charm
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  1. I think we must have been twins separated at birth Cheryl! I love them too. In fact in the old car I don't drive much anymore I have a little wooden zebra that I glued to the dash of it on the drivers side and his name is Zeke the zebra. If anyone comments on him I tell them he my my radar detector : )
    I love your sweet photo of you on the zebra!!!

  2. How cute is that picture of you on that zebra? I love it. I love zebras, too. Do you remember that kid's song?

    Look there,Daddy, do you see
    There's a horse in his pajamas?
    No! That's not what it is at all,
    That's what people call a ZEE-BRA..
    Oh! I see! Well, it still looks
    like a horse in his pajamas to me.

    xo Diana


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