Mar 3, 2012

Sleep over at Bubbie's

Having fun with My Sweet Grands tonight,
Miller has slept the entire time,
Memphys & Emersyn always love to do craft projects
while at Bubbie's

They were at their other G'ma & G'pa's last night,
tonight is my night....

Their Mommy & Daddy are sanding and refinishing
the floors that their house....

So this Bubbie gets her favorite littles ones till tomorrow night!

 my cat fishing rod, awesome!

Typed by Mem herself
she is making a toy for Elliott my cat
 I hope Miller will sleep tonight



  1. Your grands are adorable. I have some special memories of sleeping over at my grandma's house. Whatever we did was special to me, especially the one on one time I had with my grandma. Yours must treasure the time with you as well.


  2. They are just adorable, Cheryl. There is nothing better than having the grandkids visit, is it? Unless it is resting after they go home!;>) xo Diana

  3. lucky Bubby... lucky kids! Have a great time! t.xoxoox


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