Apr 9, 2012

A Sunny Monday & still in bed

I hope everyone had a Blessed & Beautiful

For Me, it was wasn't so great,  
I was home in bed
with a wicked Cold or something
I have had a temp since Friday...
Chills,  fever,  headache & a bad cough,
this morning my temp is only 100 so maybe
I am on the road to recovery,  

I hated missing Easter Dinner with all my
family at My Sisters, 
Mostly seeing My Grands all dressed up...

at least I wasn't spreading this lovely thing
so back to bed for me,  this is the first
time I have been on the computer since Thursday~
I guess I can catch up later



  1. Get well soon, Cheryl. It is hard being ill anytime but even more so on Holidays. xo Diana

  2. I have the same thing, Cheryl. Luckily, my family came for dinner on Friday and I didn't get sick until Sat! ~ Maureen

  3. Aw sweetie, I'm so sorry you're sick!! Just rest, rest, rest...drink plenty of fluids, OK? Hope you feel better so soon, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Hope you get to feeling better.


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