May 24, 2012

Exhausted & alittle Richer

After days of getting ready, emptying storage,
packing & pricing...
I am now Exhausted after 2 days of sitting
in the sun with Friends

Now if you're going to do a yard sale,
this is the way to do it~

We started the mornings with Garage sale coffee
spiked with kahlua & donuts which I would
hate to see the calorie count...
lunch was also tasty & washed down with
homemade berry daiquiri's 
dessert were malted milk cupcakes with
cherry berry frosting!
Yum, Yum

Sitting all day with "The Girls"
{friends, not daughters}

We made a bit of Money, but
sat telling stories & laughing till we thought
we would cry or even p- - our pants
{we're all post menopausal}


this afternoon was the last day,  
all tired from the previous weeks work of 
readying ourselves,  
at 3 O'clock 
we put out a sign

FREE at 3


4 O'clock there was just a 
handful of items left, which we quickly 
packaged up for good will to pick up...

Table folded,  Cash divided


Now I am Resting....

Proof is in the photos
 the perfect semi busy street with 
constant traffic

 I think we had about 11 tables
 Christmas in May,  some of my collection
 more of my "stuff" I decided to part with
 did I mention We were also a He ~
Angela's son (home of sale) 
decided to join us & part with some of His
 Now this was a Serious booth,
Angela is a Die Hard 
we actually refer to her as the Elvis Historian
she saw Elvis in person over
300 x's in her life....
Her dad use to take her out to Vegas
twice a year for 11 years
each time for a week & she saw Elvis
at Every Show he did during that time...
 She kissed Elvis 3 x's & was even 
in a Movie with him, 
Kissing him of course
(can't remember the movie name)
 She was just sorta ready to part with a 
few of the more recent Elvis collectibles,
yet, almost cried when an item walked
down the drive, with it's new owner...
 Now this is Linda,  she 
was the $$$  handler,
we always need one of those...
Bonnie & Angela, 
holding an odd item for the camera,
Elvis Shampoo...

No,  it Didn't Sell!

Back to resting,  
in fact I think I will take a 

Have a wonderful weekend



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at your sale-Doing it with friends is the icing on the cake- xo Diana

  2. Enjoy your much-deserved rest. Sounds like a great sale!!

  3. I'm glad you had fun, and also made some money.

  4. I can't think of anything more fun than having a yard sale with friends...unless it would be buying at a yard sell of friend Cheryl!!! You guys had the perfect spot I would say. Beautiful setting, lots of shade, eats and drinks---and a guy to help load it all : ) It doesn't get my better than that!!!
    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend my sweet friend!


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