May 17, 2012

Flea Marketing with Love

  I've been waiting for time to get on the 
computer to share my flea market photos,
today seems to be that day...

My kids & I have for the past few years
celebrate Mother's Day on the 
Saturday,  instead of Sunday,
I figure with Step Mom, Mother in Law  
&  being a Mother herself,
it is easier on my kids to celebrate with
me on Saturday...     

 Plus,  that was the day of the 
Utica Flea Market ~ Bonus!
 can you tell it was a cloudy day,
but the weather was cool enough to 
walk for a few hours & not get overheated
and it never rained, not a drop!
 I could hardly believe that my son 
also joined us,  certainly Not his thing,
but he was there for ME

 I loved this old stroller, kept thinking
I could turn it into a shopping cart for
when I go to Garage sales & other Flea Markets,
but the price was Crazy
 actually the prices were
Crazy Expensive on Most,
you would think you were at a high end
Antique store for what some people were
 whatever happen to finding a great deal?
 Love these only galvanized buckets,
I think they were all gone by the time
we circled around to leave

 If this could have weathered the outdoors
I think this would have come home with me,
but they wanted $250
Too rich for my blood
 The graphic caught my eye
 Is Ian asking if we can go Home Yet!

This was a big Flea market,  but most of
the photos I took were too blurry to use,

I was the only one to purchase anything,
I bought 2 old cigar glass jars,
I think I am going to use them upside down
as a Cloche!

Ending the day with Yummy Mexican food
of course a Rest!

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  1. I agree it sounds pretty pricey - but your son going along, now THAT is priceless!
    I know I don't really mind just looking sometimes and I'm glad you had such a nice day for it.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. The last big sale I was at I was so disgusted by the prices that I basically walked through and walked out. It is just crazy...and there were NOT many people buying either. I think it is great that your son went along. xo Diana

    1. Not only was it expensive, they also charged $5 a person to enter! Saturday I am going to a Church Flea Market, so I have my fingers crossed for this one....
      (oops, don't think I'm signed in)
      Cheryl ~ ZM

  3. That's great your son joined in the Mother's Day fun on Saturday doing what you wanted to do. I love that!
    Mary Alice

  4. Hi Cheryl, sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Mother's Day. How nice that your son was there too! so many fun things, I love that old stroller too!! xoxo

  5. I like the chicken nest thingy, but I'm sure it was too rich for my blood too... I thought flea markets were supposed to have good prices. I guess I will stick with my garage sales. When it comes to a day like that I am just happy to spend the time with my family, I bet you had a great time, Have a great weekend! t.xoxo


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