May 6, 2012

A Must Have for Blogger

A Must Have Book
for everyone with Blogger Blogs

Karen ~ My Desert Cottage
Valentine Designs

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This book is wonderful,  I am reading it now...
I'm looking forward to making some fun & much
needed changes on my blog,

This book will make it easy for
you to change it up too~

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{below taken right from Karen's Blog}

 Here are a few things you 
 will learn in this book...
  • How to set up a blog
  • How to Navigate the post editor
  • How to Navigate Bloggers new interface and what all the settings do.
  •  How to edit Bloggers new templates to make them look more like Bloggers old Minima template.
  • How to configure your comment settings
  • How to center the Date and Title above your posts
  • Plus many, many more tricks and tips to make your blogging experience so much easier!

Happy Learning



  1. thanks for the tip...I had not heard of to check it out!


    have you done this party?

  3. See if you can link back to me now. For some reason, my profile wasn't showing up on my blog. Finally deleted it and added it again. Its there now, but not sure if the link is working.


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