May 30, 2012

New found Treasures

I couldn't pass up this
little curio for $3

 what color do you think I should paint it?
 White?  or maybe the Blue of the Chair?
 This little formica table cost me
 not a bad price
 I think I will use it when working
with clay, should be a nice surface to
roll things out on...
  I have to find another comfortable 
seat to use...

Counting down the days till
Edison Street sale (Sat)
Greenmead Historical Flea Market (Sun)

Edison is a neighborhood by me that host
about 100 Yard sales, filled with tons of 
people, food & fun

Greenmead is about 20 mins. from me,
a historical village which turns to 
Flea Market 2x's a year....


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  1. Oh- I love your little curio. Great price...well, you know me- I would probably paint it white!;>) Hope you are having a good day- xo DianA


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