May 19, 2012

What a drag...

Yesterday I told you I was going to hit
that Church Flea Market....

My daughter Nikki came to pick me up around
10:30,  we headed to Mandy's to pick her
& the Grands up...
all packed in her van
(including the stroller)
stopped at the ATM for some quick $$$
passing by at least 30 signs for this 
Flea Market...

My hopes were High


we pulled into the parking lot,  not sure why we even
bothered to get the stroller out,

it was Horrible

6 card table with stuff from the dollar store,
nothing cool,  
nothing vintage,
just plan

I think they spent way too much on the advertising
but forgot to actually have vendors

so with $$$ left in the pocket,
we all went out to lunch...

Tomorrow,  I am tackling the attic storage that is
off my kitchen,  some of those boxes have been
in there for 6 years,  
I hope to find stuff to sell at the
a garage sale with my friends on Wednesday...

More later

Have a Beautiful Sunday



  1. Sorry it turned out to be a dud of a sale!

  2. How disappointing- I know you were looking forward to it! Well, at least now you will know what NOT to put out for your sale! Have fun digging- xo Diana

  3. bummer... lunch out sounds good though! hannah and I hit a couple of garage sales yesterday, nothing much but it was nice to be out together. There's always next week! happy sunshiny Sunday! t.xoxo


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