Jun 5, 2012

Road Trip & Treasure Hunting...

On Friday,  I was off on a road trip
with my daughter, Mandy & Grands,
Ohio bound to pick up their new puppy
My newest Grand dog...

Meet Monroe,  she was just 8 weeks
old here,  what a sweet puppy
the kids are all loving her & Tutu
their other dog is adjusting well.

 Puppy kisses,  or licking all the crumbs
off from the 4 hour drive.
 Come on puppy,  go potty so
we can head out for another 4 hours
 She slept on Mandy's lap the entire time home,
Yes,  I got to drive home....

 My girls & I attended a few
wonderful Flea markets this weekend,
here are just a few of the treasures I found
 Several listed on eBay

I am getting ready to head out,
I was asked to organize & run an
Estate sale,  
Guess I will be busy for the next 
2 weeks ~

I'll post when I can

Have a Sunshine filled week!



  1. Have fun running the estate sale Cheryl! Sounds like a ton of work, but fun work too.

    Sweet little puppy. He looks like he is right at home with his new owners!

    Have a great week! And loved your finds, I am coveting that trophy cup! (dang, I need to get a job...)

  2. What a cute, cute puppy. I'll bet everyone just loves him.

    Good luck on the estate sale- sounds like a lotta work to me!;>) xo Diana

  3. Hi Cheryl

    Love the puppy so darling! Isn't fun to just go junkin, I live for those moments. Have a terrific week!



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