Aug 29, 2012

New Listings E & E

among the many things I have been working
on,  I decided that today was the day
to re-open my Etsy Shop
of course show you a few listings 
from the other 

 This collage of Old Letterpress blocks
contained in an Old Radio parts box
is newly listed on Etsy....
 This lovely Cherry Red AB Necklace
the remaining photos,
are all on eBay...

well,  I better get some sleep ~ it is
almost 3 am & in the morning I am
painting my Large Stairway & entry Deck outside
(I live in an upper flat,  city inspections for 
rentals is every 3 years & this year the
decaying outside entrance deck had to 
be greatly improved!)

of course I never took pics of the 
Deconstruction & Mess...


1 comment:

  1. So you are still in the same place??? How is that working out with that nasty old man??? I hope he paid for the paint.


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