Nov 30, 2012

How I Re-Arrange Furniture

This is the black computer cabinet that my sister Kathy
just gave me,  it will be my new sewing center....
Here it sits in the middle of the dining room.

I'm taking you on a quick journey of what had to
be moved in order to get the cabinet to be where 
I wanted it to go
I should also tell you that My Son, Ian & SIL, Pat
warned me after moving,  it's reached it's finally resting place & never leaving again
  if I move,  It Stays...

{it weighed over 250 #'s which was just too much, you'll see why in a bit}
 I want this black cabinet to be right on this
wall below where my Grams old Dresser is,
piled high with "Stuff"
 So Dresser is moving into my bedroom, 
 right where this buffet is
also piled with stuff that also came from Kathy
 Buffet is moving to this wall,
  where this old love seat is, was, 
 I forgot to take the photo,
before I started destroying it,  to take out 
for the trash~
You see,  I could not carry this out alone, so I took it all apart
with a slotted screw driver & a hammer
(wish I had some power tools)
This love seat all went into 1 rolling trash bin.
I know the garbage people will love me
 Now,  to explain why my Son & SIL
refuse to move anything heavy in or out my little 
place anymore....
 This Very Heavy & Bulky piece
had to come up these outside wood stairs
 these stairs....  they had to balance the 
entire thing to swing it around this tight,
small landing area up to my door
then thru the kitchen & there it sits
waiting for everything else to move.
I see Elliott Alex the Lion walked into the photo
just in time
 Now, 3 days later
I have a few slivers, very sore back
and a bruise on my finger where I hit it with the hammer,
this is All that's left to the love seat,
The springs have Creative Possibilities,
so in the corner they will sit & wait~

I hope by Sunday,  I will have 
Everything in it's place & a place for Everything!

Such a Mess,  but such a wonderful Intent~

Now to go find the 
a few Aspirin

Night everyone



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  1. Wow!WHAT a job! I love that cabinet but what a devil to get up those stairs and into place! Your love seat doesn't look too loved anymore!;>) Blessings- can't wait to see it set up- xo Diana


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