Dec 15, 2012


Still Shocked,  Still Numb,  Still Crying,  
Still Wondering,
  Still trying to make just a little bit of sense
of all this Madness ~

The innocence of Children Lost in such a 
Horrific way

My Heart, like yours goes out to each & every
Family who has been torn apart in Connecticut ~

As a Grandma "Bubbie"  My Heart aches
not only for those at Sandy Hook,

I also cry knowing My Daughter had to
sit down & explain to My two Grandaughters  
about this tragedy ~

Emersyn & Memphys are both Elementary school age,
Eme  in Kindergarten & Mem is 4th grade,
the exact age of those Sweet children Terrified and Lost

Last week,  Eme was so upset when she came home
from school asking if the World
 was going to explode before Christmas ~
  now she comes home to hearing of
Children being hurt at School...

My Heart Aches

I think our world Did Explode,  Yesterday....

Lord Jesus,  Our World is So Dark,  We Need Your Light! 


  1. I feel your pain! We all need to pray for so much! Be well my friend! Hugs

  2. Oh- I hear you. I have my little SweetCheeks here with me for the day and I am hugging her just a little bit tighter today. God bless those that are grieving today- xo Diana

  3. We need to pray for the ones left here.


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